Thursday, September 19, 2013

Theme Thursday - Store

I love Galveston...
I love Galveston on a pretty cloudless day...
I love visiting the Strand in Galveston on a pretty cloudless day...
and if we can make a stop at  La Kings,...
we all agree....
it's a very good day.

Did I mention they make most of the candy on site, in a wonderfully old 1920's era brick building, where you can see taffy pulled in all it's yummyliciousness, smell the chocolate in the air and step back in time?
And they make their own ice cream too....

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  1. I live nowhere near Galveston and feel like it might be worth a trip from the looks of that place!

    1. Imagine the time it takes to make a choice! :)

  2. Oh my goodness does that look wonderful!

  3. That looks like a place could certainly fall in love with!

    1. Really, what's not to love? Candy, chocolate, ice cream and I forgot to mention the fresh squeezed lemonade!.. I just can't go in too frequently! :)