Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Friendly, pretty llamas!
Property donated for our new church has such a menagerie of animals, 
some days we get lucky and the llamas feel social.

My friend Carol and her kids came over for our weekly get together with an idea and supplies for a Christ the Good Shepherd set. Her sheep plan turned out adorable! Aren't they cute? 

Is it just us, or do other big families have hopeful hidden hiding spots for food? 
Like when my husband baked the best peach cobbler ever, and wanted to be sure a piece would be left for him when he came home from work, the rarely used microwave seemed like a good hiding spot...

Or marsh mellows saved for a campfire on the first cool day...hidden behind the no one else would come up with a use for them...

or twizzlers in the coaster/trivet drawer...hmmm, wonder how long those were there? 

Spot the snake? 

My daughter has keen eyes, she saw it in the dark. 
I couldn't until I turned the flashlight in it, and after she pointed where to look. 
It was tiny, only 10" long. 
We think it's a water moccasin, cotton mouth, venomous.. 
See the yellow tail? It's a juvenile, has it to attract prey. 
Scooted off fast...

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  1. The sheep and shepherd look so cute! The special hiding place thing isn't just big families...we have a few here and my mom had a few as well, the most notable was the broken dishwasher! She also used to hide cookies in the freezer until we learned to love frozen oreos!

    1. Someone tried the freezer trick with snickers, then worried about broken teeth. Frozen oreos, yum!

  2. I try to find hiding places for sweets so that *I* can't find them as easily! LOL