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Mummies, dinosaurs, teenage boys, oh my!

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Lilly and I had hours to explore the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences while the older kids were in science day classes. We started with the newly opened Egyptian Exhibit.

Oh, my!!
 HMNS has stepped up the Egyptian studies to a World Class Exhibit! 
Where did they get all this stuff??
Impressive collection!
(The old exhibit consisted of a mummy and a very small Egyptian artifacts and other generic general information in the museum basement, ie not terribly inspiring). 
The new exhibit is the latest treasure added to HMNS(the huge dinosaur exhibit that was revamped not that long ago). So much to see!
Lilly started off bold, we entered the Egyptian exhibit, the lights were low, sinister mood music playing through the exhibit. 
Lil: I don't like it, mom.
Lil: I want to get out of here.
Lil: It's bad here, mom.
Lil: I'm scared of it.
Lil: How do we
Okay, I got the hint, and we left. 
But, what I could see of the exhibit was so cool!! Only a glimpse of the sarcophagus room, many mummies, could not do but a quick peek as we were running to find the exit. Lilly sensed something was not cool among the dead ancients, and wanted out of there A.S.A.P!
She liked the fossil section of the dinosaur area, but we couldn't stay too long looking at those "scary guys" just around the corner, and the crazily large flying ones hanging from overhead.
 Did I mention, the dinosaur exhibit is a coooool exhibit?

Woolly mammoth vs. man
She didn't like this much either.
Lil: I'm scared to him.
(Sorry, but I love her improper use of grammar.)

We hoped that skeleton was a replica, at least that's the story I'm sticking to.

Egyptian couples. 
Egyptian couples 5,000 years ago don't look much different than couples today,
except posture,
and clothing,
and hair style,
and they had some broad shoulders...

Ya' caught me....not a couple,
but incredible details.
Makes me want to start studying Egypt again soon.

We had three friends come along with us for the long drive in to the museum, and Lilly chose Christopher to be her friend for the day. She is terribly frightened by most teenage boys, but she has always liked Christopher, and he's barely "teenage," and she knew him long before he was a teenager.
It is a bit of a chore duty honor to be Lilly's special friend for the day. It includes holding her hand, helping her with any meals, sitting next to her in the car, sitting next to her in the museum presentations, laughing at her repeated knock-knock jokes, being the center of her attention and visa versa all day.
All this Christopher did happily.
Sweet kid.

It was one of those busy, roller coaster of stress and hurry up and wait days.  I did not see my older daughter all day long. She was working while we were home, and we were gone while she was home. So we text and check up on each other as the day progresses. We even passed each other  in our town as I was coming home and she was headed to her second job, exchanged waves.
Some time after she left and we came home, the water heater decided to explode water all over the garage.  It took a little while for it to click with me until I was standing in heel deep water, I didn't comprehend the flooded garage. But, following the drip- drip- splash, I saw the corroded water heater with water gushing out the top. Yuck. Thankfully the plumber understood our situation, and was out working by lunch the next morning.

Want to guess what type of animal was mummified here?

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