Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday morning Day book

Outside my, hot, humid, hot. Officially fall in six days, I don't think Texas is going to be ready.

I am thinking...the google picture management change is making me reconsider online photo storage. Anyone mad the discarded picasa, and then updated the edit function in google to the point you can see photo size or adjust it?? Argh... Suggestions welcome!

I am praying for..conversions in the family with my sister and niece with this novena to St. Augustine, and continuing to pray for peace.

I am thankful...for a sweet little girl in my Sunday School class; she made this for me with a sweet treat because she loves my class.

I watched as her older brother served the altar yesterday, he carried the big crucifix and kept pace with the older boys who have years of experience. I wondered at my feelings of pride, this wasn't my son, but he was a past student, living the Faith, struggling and succeeding at finding his way in the altar serving flow. 

We are reading...lots of books about Texas history.
We read Stephen F Austin, Wilderness Pioneer,  Nick read Johnny Texas both by Carol Hoff.
We read Davy Crockett by George Stanley aloud
also James Bowie by Shannon Garst
Many more to come...
I had loaned my copy of Evolution of a State, and was so happy to find it online. It is a remarkable book told by Noah Smithwick at 91 to his granddaughter. What a memory for details of events many decades earlier of the formation of Texas. Mr. Smithwick was involved in many of the famous incidents that lead to Texas' fight for independence and knew many of the famous players, tells his experience first hand. His account of James Bowie was respectful and full of admiration for this American hero that lead a battle Smithwick fought with and won at Conception, furthering nick's fascination with the Texas hero.
His detailed descriptions of life of the early Texas take you back in time.

I am looking forward science days start again Tuesday. Three enrolled, kids are very excited. Not sure what Lilly and I will do to pass the hours. Maybe zoo, maybe just visit with other moms.

I am incredible spirit in motion:

and this 3 minute beautiful message:

I am pondering... the source and meaning of Lilly's new favorite exclamation, "It's not fair." All though mostly used out of context, sometimes I'm even told I'm not fair, in a situation where fairness played no role. I love when she uses new words and phrases, especially when trying them out for size and they're too big.

Something that made me chuckle...and be thankful this prank isn't happening here.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
School, Boy Scout court of honor, Ccd computer program installation, Ccd diocese training, scout treasurer duties about making a budget(yuck), science days, friend get together, music classes, Ccd planning, Eagle project procurement, and make a meal for family with new baby.

A peek into my day...Lilly reading her favorite bedtime story to me: (wordless) Creepy Castle, in which she is the princess, her dad is the brave and gallant knight, one sister is the scary monster cat, another is a helpful frog, and me?...I'm the creepy mouse that locks the heroes into creepy castle.
Me(sadly): Oh, I'm a bad guy?
Lil: No, you're not the bad guy, mom, I love you.
Ok, glad we straightened that out!

Happy Monday!

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