Monday, September 9, 2013

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once inawhile, you could miss it.

Good advice, Ferris!

It's been busy!
The good kind...mostly.
Enjoyed a long, relaxing visit with two old friends and a mess of kids,
enjoyed an unexpected visit from Max,
and watched an idea come to life through a lot of hard work.
Prayed with friends for peace,
made friends with some llamas,
and had a great first day of Sunday School and a lovely party for the nativity of Our Lady.
Captured most with my phone camera...

Max came home needing the use of some of his dad's tools for a naval engineering project. He worked up a design on the computer, bought MDF boards and they set to work, well past midnight Friday, started early Saturday and he left with what looked like a boat late Saturday.

Midnight construction party

Taking shape
I helped,
which means I kept them company and talked to them, cheered their progress, which they really appreciate.

Playing in the shop,
Making sawdust

Starting to look like a boat...

The rest of us went to the church property to pray the rosary with others, prayers for peace in Syria and the world as Pope Francis asked us to.

It's nice to have a big brother to help you when it's just too hot to stand on your own.

We did a little llama visiting and eagle project planning and a little last minute recruitment of Ccd teacher helpers...

Picked up a cake for a special birthday...
Only to notice too late the spelling mistake!

So Craig had to fix it to say "Ave Maria" to honor our BVM's birthday 

All ready for Sunday school class to begin! All organized with binders and busy plans for the year!

And these guys got busy working on the overgrown bushes out front:

A late rose to honor her on her birthday :)

Creepy skies thundered for weeks, finally gave a little rain.

It sure is nice to have a marine system engineering student come home over the weekend to teach my husband all about naval architecture and see them whip out building this ship and to see and hear his appreciation for the help. Wish I could see if it floats! :)

Off to start a new week, happy it will be less event filled than the weekend. 
Hope yours is good!

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