Sunday, September 22, 2013


First weekend of fall turned out lovely, breezy, beautiful and surprisingly productive.
We had a little relief from the recent drought with a dousing of rain all day Friday. Craig and I were able to start the weekend with a date night starting at a new to me Chinese place. Oh my, I can handle certain peppers like jalapenos and serranos, but I will never think I can handle serious oriental spices again. The hot and sour soup was spicy, not painful, but the Kung Pao shrimp was miserable.  I couldn't tell you what it tasted like because the spices killed my taste buds. I didn't finish my serving since I couldn't drink enough water to quench the fire that kept growing and intensifying in my mouth.  

A wine tasting place opened next door and we thought we' try that out next. Pretentious, clique ish, over priced. We live in Texas wine-tasting-people, where are your manners? We left there after I had a nice Merlot and Craig a short port, with no intention of returning. Then still not ready to head back home, and I was quite hungry for food that wouldn't burn my mouth,  we tried a sports bar next over. 
Now, this was a new experience for me and also the other end of the spectrum of clientele from the wine tasting place. The dart area served as a kid corral. Really, people? This place is technically a bar, and that area is not kiddy play land, so ...why? Ok, it was weird, and mildly disturbing as the kids would fight or jump off railings while all the adults we watching the fifty thousand TVS all over the room. Not my scene either, but always nice to have time alone with my sweetie no matter where we are.

Saturday, I was busy making craft projects with Euly. She and I left for an early stop at HobbyLobby. Who doesn't love HobbyLobby? I can only take one child with me at a time. Along with candy stores and office supply stores, craft stores  are our happy places. We are best that way. Too much damage could happen if I brought more girls with all their craft ideas. We had a list, stuck to it, and left.

She made a bridal fairy..

and we played with resin..

And they helped me work on my Sunday school Blessed Trinity project. 
Why do I always wait until the Saturday before?

Just like the leaves on each shamrock I see,
There are three parts of the Holy Trinity
Let the shamrock be a reminder to thee
Of God's perfect presence in His Holy Trinity,
First is God the Father,
Then Jesus,  His only Son,
With the Holy Spirit,
Together they are three in one

Meanwhile the guys were busy doing their projects. Nicholas helped his dad ready the trailer for transporting plants for his Eagle project. Right now his planting project includes a back row of 60 waxed leaf ligustrum. Front row may now be 60 knockout roses, if Nick can find enough, or maybe more ligustrum with lantana in the front. Opinions?
The other plants originally selected for the project either died back in winter (Esperanza), had poison berries (durania) or poisonous leaves (oleander) or were too drought intolerant (azalea). We are all learning so much about shrubs in this scout project planning process. It's also nice to find other Eagles along the journey that are so enthusiastic and encouraging about Nick's project. 

Beautiful, blue Texas sky and cool breezes made Sunday a glorious day to spend relaxing in the back porch, visiting with Molly and listening to the chirping of late summer birds.

Perfect bicycle riding weather.

"Hey, look it's a lovebug." 
And another and another, then a million more. 
It turned into a lovebug invasion and then the kids said, "Look I can kill them with out moving anything but my hand." They fly slow motion lazily in our faces, crawled all over our bodies, one tried to check out my ear.  They don't bite or sting, and do like to eat my plants. Weird, pesty, awkward bugs. 
Are these only in Texas?

Now that's it's fall, it's time to take down the blow up pool.

"Is it too late to swim one more time?"

More Sundays than not, we end up finished with Mass and Ccd and  straight over to Chuy's.
What's not to love, prayer reminders with each silverware set and creamy jalapeno dip...
and a hubcap alley or mil pescados overhead?
We consider it "our" restaurant since we spent so many dates at the original Chuy's on Barton Springs so many years ago...
just passing on the love to the next generation.

Happy last week of September!

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