Friday, September 20, 2013

7QT: Got some time on your hands?

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about isolation, Chardonnaydo, and the creepiness of Furbies (vol. 232)

Here are some links to articles I found interesting, worth the time reading and thought I'd share.

1. Do you read Willa and Chari's blog at Take Up and Read? So much peaceful wisdom and humble beauty naturally woven into their posts. I have their blog linked on my page so I can see when they post something new and not miss it. But somehow I originally missed this article Willa wrote about writing.

 The Father Hardon article Willa  refers to deserves it's own mention (in case you didn't follow the link),
read it.

2. Back in 1999, when we lived in Detroit, and had the blessing of meeting Father Hardon, I was introduced to his self study catechist courses. I knew I needed and wanted to learn more about our faith, but had three young children that I couldn't leave for classes outside the home.  Self paced lessons at home? Perfect! I took all three courses, and I recommend all three: Basic Catholic Catechist's Course, Advanced Catholic Catechist's Course, and Master of the Spiritual Life. I had people assigned to help me through the course, but mostly I found priests and friends in my parish help me understand the areas I was confused by.

3. Abundant links on apologetics topics: articles, audio & video listed by popular topics of discussion.

Keep at it, Pope Francis! 
It's great to see the Pope in the news almost daily, big cover on Drudge.
Although, it is disheartening to read all the different interpretations and reading between the lines, and the nager and hate in the comments of other articles. 
If you're going to read an interpretation of his latest comments: read Father Z's

5.  Changing topics....
Saw on facebook:
Strange exercise in proving our peripheral vision is crazy or the brain is, o
r some connection between the two.

I found sneaky sister selfies on my phone:

Happy Friday!

Go click on that big yellow box and read Jen's posts (especially yesterday's "On Proving God").

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