Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Life - Summer's over, time to get serious

Outside my window...
still hot, storms have been passing by bringing extra humidity and no rain. The nice change lately has been the early morning sounds of fall birds calling.

I am thinking...
About how blessed my girls are. Euly was invited  to spend time with her Aunt Mar and cousin Aly. Ceci was invited to join in today. Mar texted this picture of a bit of their fun. Earlier I asked when she wanted me to pick up my girls and she said no time soon, having too much fun. Obviously!

I am praying for..
our family, our neighbors, our country, our world:
Photo gallery from destruction of Egyptian Churches
 from Etheldredasplace

In the kitchen...
Venison taco salad curtesy of Nicholas. We are rotating cooking responsibilities to ensure the kids can cook a variety of things, Nicholas made a yummy taco salad cooking venison he provided this past season. His version was very spicy, enjoyed and appreciated!

I am going...
to share this with my fellow Sunday School teachers, but watch it, it applies to all of us educators and parents.

I am reading...
the Orphelines to Ceci and Lilly: A Happy Orpheline, A Brother For the Orphelines, A Pet For the Orphelines so far. It is out of print, by Nancy Savage Carlson, little lessons from life of happy little French orphans from the 50's & 60's.

I am watching...
These videos. I saw this one first about helping prepare children before Mass.
then saw this one as explanation for wearing the Scapular, and thought I'd share for those who want to know why we wear a scapular.

I am listening to...
talks by Andrew Pudewa.
My friend, Carol, has been inspiring me to think about my homeschooling philosophies and inspiring me to learn more and rethink what we've been doing, and intentionally not doing. I've been at this a while, and still like the philosophies I began this homeschooling journey with 15 or more years ago. Along these many years, we've had bumps in the road and major distractions and a few set backs. Babies, moves, job changes for my husband and myself, and learning difficulties have all played a role at eroding my confidence as a homeschooler. So now, I want to reexamine what I am doing, not just do what I've always done. This year all is aligned to make a fresh start. ( I find I am getting back to the basics I followed 15 years ago).

Nurturing Competent Communicators is a free download here. I have also really enjoyed Mastery Learning . There was a IEW craze in the homeschooling world years ago, and I resisted. I'm enjoying catching up on these talks.

I am happy I came across this...
Art History blog teaching kids about Vincent Van Gogh.

Around the house...
we need rain. Or maybe a cool front. Storms have passed all around us, thundered and lightninged, no rain. I thought our AC was out, but apparently the new fangled thermostats need batteries to tell the AC to turn on. Yay for easy fixes.

I am pondering...
this hair color, she asked the stylist to put a color that would naturally occur on a human. I didn't think Ariel would count since she was a mermaid, will be more specific if she wants to try this again.

I am thankful...
these two are starting to feel better. They had pesty colds most of the week.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...
I am hoping to have Father over for dinner, and bless our schoolroom. Found this lovely prayer and I'm saving for that occasion, if he doesn't already have his own.


(Upon entering the building, the priest sprinkles the rooms with holy water, saying:)

V. Peace to this house. 
R. And to all who live in it. 

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord. 
R. Who has made heaven and earth. 

V. The Lord be with you. 
R. And with your spirit.

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus Christ, 
You commanded Your apostles to beg a blessing of peace 
on whatever house they should enter. 
We beg of You, through our ministry, make this house, 
destined for the education of boys (and/or girls,) a holy one. 
Pour on it the richness of Your blessing and peace. 
Make it their salvation, as You did for Zachaeus, 
when You entered his house. 
Have Your angels watch over it, 
to drive away every hostile force. 
Fill those who teach here with the spirit of knowledge, 
wisdom, and fear of You. 
Support with heavenly grace those who study here, 
so that they may grasp with their 
minds what is taught for their salvation, 
keep it in their hearts, 
and follow it out in their conduct. 
May all who use this building be pleasing 
to You in the exercise of every virtue, 
so that they may sometime merit to be received 
into their eternal home in heaven, 
through You, Jesus Christ, 
the Savior of the world, 
who live and are King and God for ever and ever. 

R. Amen.

One of my favorite things...
spending time with my husband. After his nightmare of a business trip this week ended early enough to catch dinner, we wanted to try a Thai place close by. We thought wine would be nice change from the usual (water), and thought we picked something good, but the screw top was an indication we picked low on the wine list. Not being a wine connoisseur, I didn't mind.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I am so happy to see so many clear days on my calendar next week for we officially start school Monday morning, which means we can start and finish projects without the neighbors knocking because they officially start school.  Music lessons began already, soccer doesn't start until October, so we are set wide open for our school routine. Still included Wednesday get togethers with our friends, scouts, Ccd and teen apologetics classes start in the next weeks.

Something that made me laugh..
This photo was taken at the Assumption mass of me and my little girls. I think it is beautiful, but it makes me laugh.. 
At the Communion rail, Lilly decided it was her first communion day, held the posture the rest of us do, and almost had the priest (unfamiliar to us) convinced that she should receive Jesus. Panic! "No, she doesn't receive," escaped my lips, hopefully not too loud, so he gave Lilly a blessing and then gave Ceci a blessing, so I had to whisper that she does receive. I was probably sweating nervous relief on my way back to the pew. I saw this picture yesterday, and thought how beautiful, even with Lilly's tongue sticking out!  I love the servers sweet expression, is that a little smile?

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