Thursday, August 8, 2013

Theme Thursday - statue

Joining in with Cari for Theme Thursday

I had a flash back to 2006 while thinking about which statue to photo,  I remembered the statue that gave me the most mommy peace.

We were living in Georgia, getting ready to move back home to Texas, Cecilia had just turned one, and she was already showing signs of having the same teeth issues that plagued two of her older siblings. (blogged about before).
 I was in a panic. I prayed and prayed,  thanking God that this health problem was only with teeth, nothing a dentist couldn't handle. I had the benefit of seeing the older siblings' adult teeth come in unharmed.  I knew the routine of deciding to have her put under, given sleepy drinks or strap to the papoose board. Sigh!  I prepared myself for the disapproving and incorrect lectures from the dentist about this side effect of breastfeeding, which is not the cause! ( Breastmilk isn't made of acid... three months exposed at surface couldn't do that damage...hasn't he seen my other breastfed kids' perfect teeth?).
Sorry for my ranting, I must still have deep mommy guilt pain in my heart...
So, you see the need I had for peace!
Praying in front of the St Joseph statue in our Georgia church, I looked up at sweet baby Jesus looking at me, and I noticed He had teeth! Pretty, little, white teeth. 
I know it doesn't make sense, but I had a wash of peace flow over me, took me smoothly through our move the following week, swept my into a Texas dentist office to start the process of helping Ceci's teeth.  

I understood her little teeth, her little life was in His Hands, and all had I had to do was trust.

I wish I had a better image, especially showing his sweet teeth, but this is all I have to share:


  1. What an inspiring story about St. Joseph. I love him too and look for little connections to him here and there.

  2. What a great story, thank for sharing! Have a huge love for St. Joseph over here as well!

  3. Wonderful story and beautiful statue. =)

  4. We have this same statue in our adoration chapel and I love to stare at it. I'll have to look at His teeth next time :)

    1. Oh neat! I love the look in St. Joseph's eyes, so much understanding. :)