Friday, August 30, 2013

Theme Thursday on Friday: Shadow

Theme Thursday - Shadow
What is it? Is it just me?
Sometimes with these themes...
sometimes, something hits a nerve!
And something pops into my head, and no other idea will do.

Shadow, I instantly thought about my shadow when I walk late at night with my daughter and the street lights take us from being very short to very long and tall, then nothing at all until we pass the next street light. Rhythmic, familiar, breaking up monotony of the flat miles we walk...

I'll just say it:
I hated my shadow for a long, long time as a mocking reminder of the urgent need to get myself in gear, and finally loose that baby weight I gained with my third child...
although I've had three more kids since,
and over fourteen years have past,
only solidifying what I needed to loose into a permanent part of my being....

Not really...
but those of you out there who have struggled with weight know what I mean.

I've been on a journey these past many months to improve my health and loose some weight. I have made friends with my shadow. It reflects the progress I see on the scale and in the looser fitting clothes. I don't cringe, I smile.

I see me. I'm very proud of me, and very thankful months of prayer to succeed this time have been granted. I have found my strength.

I just can't do anything about the height difference in those shadows.

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