Friday, August 16, 2013

Super Meme Catch Up Combo

Oh, yes I am going to combine all my favorite weekly link-ups together!...

Friday morning we woke up late and happy from last evening, realizing it's kinda hot in the house and the power must have already been off for hours. It's sunny, no storms, and hoping a neighbor alerted the power people early. Once I finally talked to power company, they said don't expect power until mid afternoon, then it started a minute later. Service! Yay for air conditioning!

Most everyone slept late this morning anyway because we were out late last night. Last night was a celebration of many prayers answered; we've been praying for the seven years we've been back in Texas for a Fraternity parish to be established in Houston for us to join, help grow, raise our family and celebrate the traditional Latin mass under Rome.
"It's waaay past my bedtime, mom, can you stop with the flash?"
We are official! It's been a beautifully rewarding  experience to see it all come together, so many prayers answered: our parish is named after our Blessed Mother's coronation, Regina Caeli, and established on the feast of Her Assumption. We have a lot of work ahead of us,  but how blessed we all feel now that it is official! (which means we can start fundraising and get closer to building on our parish's 40 acres). During the installation of our pastor, we were reminded of the love and concern for our our faith by our archbishop, it is evident and for all to see. Thank you Cardinal DiNardo! (not him in photo below) And thanks to all the people who worked behind scenes to get things done. Yay you!

How did I get so many big people in my entourage? 

Seriously I am having feelings of WHERE DID THE TIME GO??, how did they grow so fast and sometimes, who are these people??!!?

On our drive to the church, I had a melancholy feeling of how many more times will the eight of us be together for an event again? Friday, Max goes back to college, Molly starts her senior year of high school. I know it's all for good things, but they grow too fast and I forgot to ever make a time capsule of their youth. Oh well, I have photos.
"Gosh, mom, I'm feeling rather sleepy, but I'm having too much fun to tell you it's time to stop visiting and go home."

My evening walks...
Most evenings I have others to walk with me, but this week I had every evening to myself. I could take in the beauty of the hidden trails since I wasn't distracted with conversation. 

Apparently not all creatures enjoy the trail as much as I do:
Got a guess of what this is? 

Ok, I know, a  weird random post, 
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Happy Friday- have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on the parish being official! You were in our thoughts and prayers at Mass yesterday morning.
    I am with you on the melancholy --- though I know it is different when the kids are truly grown up (not just bigger little kids). :)

    1. It's the same melancholy,
      just on steroids!
      Just kidding.
      Thanks for the prayers!

  2. I with you..I have teens now and feeling like HOW did this happen. You have a great looking bunch of kids. I love their smiles.

    1. It's funny, people tried to warn me, then hey, now they're grown.
      Thank you!