Monday, August 5, 2013

RV: Quick Trip and Surprises along the Way

My niece asked me, "Did you have any adventures with the Rv on your drive here, Aunt Mary"
            but , of course!

There is always some wrinkle to our plans. Except this time, we didn't make the plans. We had planned to go to Austin after we visiting Winedale. It would put us late on the road, but we weren't too worried about it, as we have always had good luck finding an Rv spot at Walmarts around the country. We thought we better go ahead and check, and saw terrible news from other travelers about Austin not allowing overnight parking at Walmart: some  city ordinance.
So, next best thing, Cracker Barrel. We  were traveling country roads, not interstates, so rv places along the way aren't open, and there aren't the big truck stops or Cracker Barrels along the Texas highways.
I called a Cracker Barrel in Round Rock, about closing time, and the manager said no problem, we were welcome to park out back.
So we did, and decided to give CB our breakfast business as our thank you back. An hour wait, (after hostess gravely understated time for table of 8), and we were off and ready. The curious and slightly annoying sightseers trying to get a peek into the rv.

Always something! Fortunately, never anything too severe.
The kids picked my favorite sweet to surprise me, maple sugar leafs.

We had plans for this weekend in Austin, and hadn't pinned down the details, until Friday morning, We decided, sure let's take the RV.
Our last trip to New Bransfels, we had an indicator light show up related to the transmission , and it even up'd the rpm's the RV ran at. We took it to our favorite shop and thought we were good to go. The mechanic wasn't sure if he got it, because the signal wasn't consistent. It doesn't seem to show until under a little harder pedal pressure and hilly terrain.

We had a great visit in Austin to celebrate birthdays and family.

We ran out of propane in the drive home and tried to make do with the windows open, which normally is okay, except  August in Texas. It was hot, dry.
And then there is the stink.
We aren't sure how we let this happen
As its never happened before
But somehow the potty much have been used after the last trip.
And in the Texas summer heat, it cooked up a very unique and painful smell.

Fortunately there are truck stops. Truck stops have water avaialble, and rv supplies ( to help with smell and potty problems). Many often also sell propane. Yay, the ac could work again.

When we arrived at home, we were a happy family once again.

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