Thursday, August 8, 2013

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With my beautiful mother and three very pretty sisters...
We met in Austin last weekend to gather family to celebrate my mother's upcoming 75th, one of my sister's 50th and a brother-in-law's 60th.  We had a weekend filled with fun visits. 

 Taking pictures with my family is like herding cats; talkative, hyper cats who can't keep their eyes open, stop talking and we place all hopes there'll be one picture to capture all eyes open and mouths not flapping. It's a lot of work. It's a little comical, as we always set aside time at these events for picture taking because we know how we are and it's going to be a while, and there are usually at least three cameras going to capture the one lucky shot, which really makes it worse since no one looks at the same camera at the same time. It's chaos, but really a lot of fun. It's like we know we only have a few seconds before everyone scatters, so we have to do it fast. I do wonder what the future spouses think of our craziness. Best they know what they are getting into.

Here's Mom with almost all of their Grandkids and a couple of "futures"; not sure where my dad went for this picture. 

I am happy Cecilia busied her hands this summer making bracelets on her rainbow loom. 
It has built her confidence making these silly rubber bracelets; she's recently shown interest in taking on bigger projects.
We have matching bracelets, actually mine was intended to be a necklace, didn't work out well, and fit my wrist better than her neck. She likes to plan to have them match her clothes.
Euly modeling some of Ceci's work.
We all stopped by my mother in laws' for a visit, and I can't remember the last time we were all in town at the same time, so the eight of us pushed her seating spaces to a max, which allows the girls to choose from her walking aids as their seats. I wish I took pictures of the gymnastics Molly could do on Dd's walkers back when she was little. Now these two have their favorite of her wheeled chairs. They both fit in this one:

Like herding talkative, hyper cats, I tell ya!
This is the best shot I have of the whole bunch, hopefully someone captured a better one,  or next get together, I'm getting serious!

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  1. Lovely family! I know what you mean about herding cats- we are just that way too. Except with us, as soon as the picture snaps everyone starts running in every different direction. It's like WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH. Waiiit a minute....

    Visiting from P,H,F,R~ Happy Thursday!