Monday, August 19, 2013

Musings and Ramblings about Miracles on Monday

I have been dealing with laundry since I woke this morning, Eight clean baskets were waiting to be folded. I never get that behind. Today, eight more to run through.  We have been very busy with some unexpected company, some extra volunteer work, and extra laundry preparing for Max to return to school, which has been postponed a few days, so I can sit at the computer and relax and think in quiet for a few escaped minutes at a time, between when the washer and drier chime.

The neighbor kids are over hanging out with my kids and I have a lively, happy, full house. Kids every where, with match ups for most, except Lilly. Lilly floats between the groups at play, with me at work, with her brother at organizing and her sister who is starting a very large painting project in her room.

We had a nice, dry, cooler weekend than usual for August. I spent most of my Saturday indoors wrestling over numbers in the troop's Boy Scout accounting system, which shouldn't be called that, since it isn't a double entry accounting system. In my past life, I enjoyed a specific aspect of my work as a CPA and even further back as a bank teller, balancing numbers.  Most later projects I worked on were basically forensic accounting for bankruptcy and divorce clients and were advanced, sophisticated puzzles. In an closed accounting system, everything is there, the puzzle was only to unravel the hidden paths. In this system, it isn't closed, and it allows phantom entries, requires nothing to balance, and as this no way to track liabilities or equity, assets could never equal anything, except reconciled to the bank. It isn't more than the check registers that come with a new box of checks, except its worse. The designers at BSA will be hearing from this opinionated treasurer, once I finish wading through this tangle. A volunteer treasurer needs more reliable tools which work.

So, halfway through my day, I starting thinking about dinner, and OH! we had some company coming, and I hadn't done a thing. Just then, I received a text from my sister, who had finished an event with her daughter, and surprised me with news she was bringing us a large feast, courtesy of the caterer of that event, and would that be okay with me? YES! Surprise, a nice blessing!

My sisters arrived, we all hugged, talked, and consoled some hurting hearts. The evening was an example to us all that my sisters and I, my house, and my extended family on that evening were vehicles God used to flow abundant Graces to those present. One of the inexplicable occurrences, where you stand back later and marvel at what happened: beautifully miraculous events to bring willing and humble souls to Him. I am not in a position to share any more details. I am thankful for our wonderful pastor. I am amazed at how humble some people can be, oblivious to their human-ness, reflecting their trust and faith in the spiritual realm.

Heaven is real.
Hell is real.
And there are many unseen working to win souls for both. We must not forget, we have the choices, we have the gift of free will.

These miraculous and marvelous moments are physically draining, yet life goes on, laundry piles up. We earthly creatures do have time ticking away. I relish knowing some day we won't be stopped by time and we can enjoy God's love for eternity. The breeze of the angel's wings will carry us on, so I can get through the piles waiting in these baskets for today.

Once hosting a couple of our priests in Georgia for dinner, Father D suddenly interrupted the dinner conversation to marvel at the miracle of the Transfiguration. He said most people don't understand the Transfiguration; the event on a mountain when Peter, James and John and  were witnesses to Jesus' blinding Glory, face as bright as the sun, conversing with Moses and Elijah. The miracle was every moment He had walked on earth, looking just like everyone else, humbly veiling His Glory,  He let down the cloak for the moment of the Transfiguration as a gift for the apostles and each of us to see Who He was.  Father paused, we sat silent pondering that vision,  and we continued with dinner. Of course, that changed they way I thought of the Transfiguration, but the lasting impression for me was how constantly present Father D was with God, with Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit every moment, all day. And how so many of the rest of us forget. He wouldn't forget, he is a priest who faithfully celebrates Mass daily, in a closer presence with Christ I could never fully understand, at least not on earth.

 I had another moment of pause this Sunday when our pastor was delivering the most powerful sermon on confession I had ever heard. This Sunday's Gospel was the story of the ten lepers Jesus healed and said “Go show yourselves to the priests.” I asked him to please write it down so I could share with EVERYONE. Was it anything new to a practicing Catholic? Maybe not, definitely many aspects explained more clearly, understood by all ages, and delivered with such Mercy, about God's Mercy, you could feel Love. Explanations to motivate anyone to run to confession. So good to hear.

All weekend, I felt in the presence of angels. Protective angels. St. Michael the Archangel type of wonderful, courageous angels. It was nice.

And now it's Monday, and off we go to our regular schedules and ticking clocks.

Every week I have reminders, reminders that we are on an earthly journey, and heaven and hell are just veiled from our vision. We desperately need not to forget what we are journeying towards, and check our direction,...

We do forget many times,
much of the time.

Then, there are those moments, WE KNOW. We know why we are here, in this time, this place, with these people and the only thing we need to focus on is His Love, His Mercy, and grab as many people with us to turn toward heaven with all the intent our hearts can muster. And when someone grabs you to return to the Faith, don't resist, thank God!

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