Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Nice, Long, Relaxing Labor Day Weekend

Outside my window...leaves are falling off the trees, while it is up to 99 degrees and 150% humidity.
Fall? We will welcome you at anytime!

I am thinking...about how many times recently I have been blown away impressed with the openness and loving open hearts and minds of this younger generation.  People who want to write them off are not listening and not getting to know this very different world from their view; it is so very different from my generation. From a child born in the 60's to a child born in the 80's and 90's; from and Age of Optimism to an Age of In-Your Face-Harsh-Realities; God bless you! Don't let the world define you before you've even had a change to try. Opportunities, adventures, and Abundant Graces are all waiting for you! Be not afraid! Boldly walk and seek and embrace the Faith you inherited.  

I am praying for..our friends and family, our country, our world, and all my nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, their vocations and future spouses.

I am thankful...for signal Graces; those little signs that God gives us to see Him working in ours and our loved ones' lives. Beautiful gifts, thank you, God!

In the kitchen...Molly sweetened some pecans to liven up our daily salads.
My favorite salad combination this week: bed of romaine and spinach, tomatoes, blue cheese, cucumber, boiled and chilled shrimp, cranberries, and those delightful pecans!  

Sad to say, the pecans didn't make it through the weekend.
Fortunately, she also made toffee, and it is in a protected, secured location.

I am Euly is creating...fairies again. It makes me happy to see her make happy little things for herself, her sisters and her friends.

I am reading  being read to...Molly and I started listening to an audible recording of Dante's Comedy. I am so excited by our conversations launched by what we have learned of Dante's journey through hell. We are also listening to the Teaching Company lectures on Dante's work as well. Fascinating!

I am listening to...a beautiful Cd by the Dominican Sisters of Mary called Mater Eucharistiae
I bought the album through Itunes, so I can listen on my phone or have it as calming background music while working on the computer. The Sisters were on EWTN promoting the CD and discussing its success and they were asked about what they were going to do with the money...apparently building and expanding! The order is fast growing with the following facts from their website:
  • Founded in 1997 with 4 Sisters
  • We've grown to over 110 Sisters in just 16 years
  • Average age of the Sisters is 28
  • Average age of the women who enter is 21
  • Sisters represent most of the States across the U.S. and Provinces in Canada
  • Administer two Spiritus Sanctus Academy schools in Ann Arbor, MI
  • Teaching missions at 13 schools located in CA, FL, TX, AZ, OH, and IL

I am looking forward to...the start of Sunday school next week. Class size is increasing as our parish grows. The first year -  two received First Communion; second year - five;  this year nine already registered on day one...! I am working on being more organized, using folders to communicate with parents, collect catechism themed activities and help focus the kids on what we need them to learn. 

Around the house...we met our new neighbors next door. Ceci has been itching all day to introduce herself. She saw activity outside, and bolted at her opportunity to ring their front door bell. By the time I met them, the dad and two daughters were in our back yard beaming over the enthusiastic welcome they received from my sweet 8 year old.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...praying this novena after introduced to it this week by my Saint Cajetan, Patron of Job Seekers. Want to join us?

One of my favorite things...being able to be a home-body. Most of this week I have stayed home to get a good routine established- I'm serious about school schedule routine theme. It also has helped me keep the house a little more tidy-like, the laundry from getting behind, had meals at home (most cooked by my fabulous husband) and able to spend time with the kids more relaxed. Those weeks will come where I am running out a bit more often with appointments and sports and music activities.
Cozy days on the couch are the best.
Sister snapped this while I was helping Lil with an app introducing letter sounds and helps her vocabulary.

A few plans for the rest of the week...keep working on school schedule, study habits and good daily routines.

Something that made me chuckle... in a nervous this-is-probably-too-true type of chuckle.. Texas Senator Ted Cruz at Defending the American Dream. Saw here.

A peek into my sweetie with two of his girls.

Wishing you a relaxing war-free Labor Day!

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