Monday, August 5, 2013

50+60+75=so many reasons to celebrate

My parents hosted our families for a birthday party celebrating the big birthdays this year, but also to cheer the recent college graduate,  upcoming graduate of a nursing program and a soon to be doctor, sitting at the table. All but two family members made it. My parents' neighborhood club has been our destination for many of these parties and wedding receptions over the years. The tables were arranged in the exact way I remembered my parents' twenty fifth anniversary. It has served as our home away from home.

When my sisters, our mother and I posed under the tree out front, we knew we had done this before,
and by funny coincidence, we even had the photo with us from 34 years earlier under the same tree!

We had a great time being together, reminiscing on life and learning upcoming plans. This new generation has big plans and is rapidly moving in all directions. It is exciting to share their enthusiasm, reconnect and watch our family continue to grow.  So much to be thankful for!

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