Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend life

Outside my window...mostly sunny, not too hot on the thermometer, but the humidity is set on "sauna - high setting," with lovely rainstorms  randomly appearing through the weekend.

I am thinking...about 7 posts in 7 days epic challenge is now officially over. I had to scrape up posts on a few days, but since I don't cover anything too significant here anyway, I can do a few posts with pictures, and I'm happy. I have enjoyed reading so many other blogs this week, meeting some new blogging folks out there and will have to make time to catch up on others. 

I am praying for..our country, our culture, our futures, and return to the Faith of our separated brethren.
Our culture is quickly becoming so anti moral, anti Christian, and anti "choice"...well, the choice to have children shown in this article about the Duggars. I was reading a post by Supertradmum about her outlook on the future or not-future of Christendom  or is our hope in South America with Pope Francis? Sometimes when have my eyes and ears open, I have a heightened awareness of whatever that topic may be. But, so much lately keeps drawing my attention to the need for reconciliation. Not so much a panicked The End is Near state of mind because,  let's be honest, our own ends could be at any time. Its more of: let's be honest about our world's leadership and direction.

What can I do but vote and pray?
I can educate myself and my children in their Faith, live our Faith, remember heaven is our home. We are encouraged from Our Lady of Fatima to pray, fast and make sacrifices for our sins and for the sins of all sinners and unbelievers.

A sweet man approached me after mass and gave me a lesson on South America Marian Apparitions. I have a love and devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and due to having friends from Columbia and Venezuela, I was aware of their countries' patronesses.  We discussed the centennial anniversary of Fatima is a short three years away. I was riveted by his accounts of Our Lady of Good Success from Ecuador and Our Lady of Las Lajas (Columbia/Ecuador border)  and plan to start my own study and research. If you have any resources to recommend, I would greatly appreciate you leaving a comment.

I am work on the Five First Saturdays devotion. starting with this coming Saturday. I have found this much more difficult to fulfill than the 9 First Fridays to Sacred Heart. It is only 5 compared to 9, but a little more is required:
1. Go to confession**
2. Receive Holy Communion
3. Say five decades of the Holy Rosary
4. Meditate for fifteen minutes on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. (in addition to the prayers).

**"During the apparition of February 15, 1926, Sister
Lucia presented Our Lord the problem some people had
of confessing on Saturdays. She asked Our Lord if the
confession would be valid if done within a period of
eight days before or eight days after the first Saturday.
Our Lord answered: “Yes, it can even be within many
more days, provided they are in the state of grace when
they receive Me, and have the intention of offering reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

from EWTN
"Many ask why Our Lady asked her children to observe FIVE first Saturdays. Our Lady told Sister Lucia the five Saturdays are to make reparation for the five kinds of offenses and blasphemies uttered against her Immaculate Heart. 
The offenses are 1.) against her Immaculate Conception, 
2.) against her virginity,
 3.) against her Divine maternity, 
4.) by those who openly seek to foster in the hearts of children indifference, or even hatred, for this Immaculate Mother, and 
5.) by those who directly outrage her holy images."

I am have a supportive husband. And my heart is still singing for the good news of our new parish!!!

I am creating...Christmas present plans for hand made gifts to and between the children. The girls are going to make another nature bag for their sister (shhhh) and Nicholas is going to remake a couple of end tables to work better for me and the girls.

I am reading...Bill Peet books to Lilly. Her favorites so far have been:
Pamela Camel
Farewell to Shady Glade
Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent
Chester the World Pig
She also like to sit, and get our attention to retell the story based on the pictures. Bill Peet's illustrations are great. My children have enjoyed trying to duplicate his style with colored pencils many a hour.

I am watching...Whistleblower ... A very hard to watch drama about human trafficking.

I am looking forward to...seeing my boys Monday evening!, enjoying some Shakespeare performances over the next few weeks, and celebrating some family members' birthdays at the end of the week.

Around the house... dejunking has gone well, but I hit a big block at the schoolroom door. Cleaning and organizing that room means I need to start planning and organizing for the fall. So, instead, I helped mow the lawn, weed the garden and reset and clean the pool (featured a little in yesterday's post). 

A little hope...

Today the mini pool is all clean and clear. With all kids gone, except our constantly talking companion Lilly, Craig and I had time to talk about this next school year, my frustrations with prior years, and we developed a new plan. I am now excited about it, and can go forward. He helped me get through the door, literally and mentally, and he repaired a broken bookcase and the little girls toy kitchen table. Have I mentioned that I love having my husband home?! I still have some finish work in that room, but I have a vision on how I want it for the start of our year. No more procrastination.  I am getting those back to school butterflies about it.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...Luke 1. 48-49 from our Blessed Mother:

All generations shall call me blessed, because He that is mighty hath done great things to me.

A peek into my day... Lilly testing out the refreshed pool. We're hoping it makes another month before it springs another leak.

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