Thursday, July 18, 2013

Theme Thursday - Bright

We haven't had Internet at home since Friday, due to storms, then apparently, my router died. I am switching providers and the new one can't make it until next Tuesday added to the strange cell phone dead zone under my roof and my decision to cut off satellite tv, we are living in first world dark ages.

There are the expected whiny comments:
"What am I going to do all day?"
"How am I expected to live like this?"
Then my teenager told me to get a hobby. Apparently my normal hobby includes too much reliance in the unreliable internets. Fine for the kids, they run around and play all day and then play flash light tag at night, and they fall asleep exhausted.

I do really enjoy the screen time break and didn't realize how much I "played on the computer" too. Nice change in routines.

All that to make excuses for my camera phone photo for this week's theme: Bright. 

Lilly is sunshine in our day, such a bright little gal constantly sharing her observations and opinions with us. 

Pardon me while I go stand on top of the kids play thing to reach a cell tower to post this.

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