Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ceci told me,
"Mom, Lilly and I are best friends today!"
I love these days! Their happy joys spread far beyond the two of them. They beam delight, play more creatively, and laughter echoes through the house.

Even though these gals don't have too many bad days, they do have their share. A recent silly argument  sounded like this:
"Ma-umm, Ceci hit me."
"No, I didn't."
"Yes, you are."
Shortly followed apologies, hug exchanges and words of reconciliation.

The good days lift everyone's spirits and  fill our home with joyful sounds. It is amazing how much these two can change the tone of our home.

Sisters have so much influence on each other in life choices, whether realized at the time, for better or worse.

My sisters and I had good times and bad times when we were their ages. As adults, our relationships are more even keeled.  We have respect, love and concern for each other.  

My sisters and I will be gathering our families soon with our parents to celebrate my mother's birthday. So many things have changed in our lives as we enter new phases as mothers, wives and daughters, but our relationships have become better, easier, more supportive.  
I tell my daughters how blessed they are to have sisters, even when they can't imagine how because...

Your sister will be the constant of your best friends, biggest defender and harshest critic.  She will hold you to higher standards and keep you honest, even without saying a word. She will valiantly keep your secrets, teach loyalty in her actions.

She is one with whom no words are needed, she will listen to you repeat yourself over and over as important and not-so important life decisions are made. She'll be the one to give you an honest answer. She will most understand your struggles.

Sometimes you won't want her around, then shortly, crave her company. It is the rare type of friendship that time doesn't change, even though many years may pass, you can pick up right where you left off. You won't need to explain changes in your hair, weight or styles; acceptance is given. A sister may hold the missing pieces in ourselves, that quality or trait we think would complete our personalities, skills or dreams. She may teach us how to obtain these qualities, or we may content ourselves to admire her for being someone we can't be.

When life finds you far apart, the strongest invisible bonds will draw you back again, hopefully before too many years pass. 

Sisters help form who we are and smooth our rough edges so we can face the world.

What's your favorite aspect of having a sister?

Day 2 of Jen's 7 post in 7 day challenge. 

I am hoping this is my last day of phone blogging,... (come on, cable guy)...and I'll be back up and going on a computer screen for tomorrow's post and I can fix links and photos and errors then.

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