Saturday, July 20, 2013

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For our weekly Wednesday get together, we met Carol and kids to paint ceramics. Lilly decided this bowl was going to be for her dad. Cecilia had a tough time choosing one she liked. We will pick up the final glazed and fired product next Wednesday. I hope they will all be pleasantly surprised with the very pretty final results.

I found this photo when I was organizing boxes in the attic. We were newly engaged. I was working at the bank one summer, and a sweet friend offered to take our pictures in the pretty trees behind the bank. We were young and deliriously in love! I hadn't looked at pictures pre-marriage in many years. He jokingly tries to blame his now grey hair on me, I could say the same about my wrinkles, but it's all signs of a well lived life, and all inevitable after a life filled 27 years.

The girls love this part of the waterpark section of the Y, getting pummeled with water every three minutes.

Real because I am accepting my baby is now a big little girl, not so much a baby, and it pains my heart a little knowing she probably is my last baby.  She has so many advantages of being the youngest of a wide spread of aged siblings, who most probably seem all grown up to her, (except Ceci!). 
She used to be afraid of Lawrence and his many older brothers. The last visit to his house, she talked and played with them all, upon leaving, she knew she was a big kid, who was welcome to play legos and all the games. It makes my visit easier not having to leave conversations to comfort my little, frightened, shy girl, but I'll miss holding her like that.  

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