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Every summer  I sign up which ever daughter is in the 8-11 age group for a local town's heritage museum's  pioneer (day) camp. This year, we lucked out, since I have two girls in that age group. 
Cecilia was patiently waiting for the first day. I thought she might be nervous without me there,
then I remembered Ceci doesn't get nervous. She has a relaxed, confident air about her. If she decides she is going to do something, then she is all in. 
I know Euly & Ceci are happy to have the time together, and I'm happy to get those errands I never get around to, since I have that block of time to fill.

Every year, camp is a little different due to who volunteers and what skills they bring. Each day has a theme: Texas Indians, early tools used, food, and many other aspects of pioneer living.
Some of the items they made this week so far:
I remember making these "God's Eye" patterns when I was young.
 They branded leather with real brands, Ceci thought it smelled horribly.
 They churned butter, (delicious!)

 and ground corn, which they made corn bread for snacks,
dipped candles, and sawed a candle stand

This morning's activity was basket weaving,

 then they used the left over corn to make a treat for the birds and squirrels.

One of the teachers had attended a one room school when she was a child. While explaining a typical day, she asked for volunteers. She asked if they wanted to see what punishments for bad behavior were like. Euly had to "Sit on the Wall" (back straight against wall, knees bent like a chair). We did those in  junior high basketball practice and thought they were torture. 
Another child had to press his Nose in a Circle drawn on the chalk board for a designated time. 
Not too bad a punishment, most likely effective since it would be humiliating to hold still and quiet in those positions. I'd imagine there were others she decided not to demonstrate.

I don't have pictures of real, but it has been real noisy and a real good time to be out of the house this week, as we have had work done on our roof. It has sounded like people heavily stomping in every part of the house, and constantly knocking at the door, so much when they did knock I didn't answer until one of the kids noticed someone really wanted our attention. 
Sometimes it is good to combine all the busy into one week. 
Hopefully, next week we can take it a little slower.

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