Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pretty Happy, Fun, Real with Theme Thursday

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ 
with the Theme Thursday - knots:

round button chicken  
Pretty Happy
Twenty six years ago today, we tied our lives together with that matrimonial knot!

My boys are back from a week on the high seas, except, they really didn't have much wind, so flat seas. "The strangest thing," their captain said. They did sail some, they mostly motored around in the 77' sailboat. They had opportunity to snorkel and explore the Keys, and had a blast renting mopeds one day. 
Max took the Go Pro camera and took lots of video while snorkeling. I screen captured this picture off a video so it's fish eyed (because I don't really know what I'm doing). That's their boat, the Spirit of Independence and the pretty reef below his flippers.

A couple of weeks back we went with our friends to a pottery painting store. I gave my girls free range- within my price range- to pick an item they wanted to paint. Ceci had her heart on two items -not only out of my range, but double it. So I held firm, she held firm. The other kids were happily creating their projects, and I enjoyed watching their progress. It is a fun activity.

Finally Ceci changed her mind, and asked if she might paint a bowl. She choose this particular bowl, for its special place for chop sticks built in, and came with her very own chopsticks.

She finally set to work, around the time some of the others were wrapping up. Her painting choice was a time consuming pattern. She concentrated on her work.

Quite a while passed, she finished and we left the items to be glazed and fired, picked up the next week.

After the week went by, our friends invited us for a play date and had a special area set up to display their art. It was lovely. The kids were supportive of each other and proud of their work.

Later that very evening, back home, when older sister Molly and her friends were over, Ceci excitedly wanted to show her bowl. She went to get it from the kitchen, turned and took two steps, tripped on her own feet and...

Instant sadness.
We watched it happen in slow motion.  

Sometimes it seems we are to be taught a lesson by the world. Although I'm not sure what the message was, we agreed it might be: Let go of material things, try to get a handle on disappointments, and move on....?

She is blessed to have siblings that jumped in with compassionate empathy, and to console her related stories of their own disappointments. Cecilia has a natural poise and confidence about her person, so when the rare times she is heartbroken, it melts every heart around her.  She is a very strong little gal, in her usual style, she shook it off after a good cry. 

Thank goodness her dad has lots of experience repairing my broken ceramics.


  1. Poor girl! She did a lovely job.

    1. Thank you, she was very proud of it.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have some fun planned!
    I am so bummed about Ceci's bowl. It was so beautiful! Is Craig going to be able to fix it?

    1. Thanks, Carol.
      He has mended many of my pottery breakages, and just needs to go get the right kind of glue. I'll let you know.

  3. OH NO! Poor thing! It was lovely. same thing happened to one of my girls once with a mug. So sad.

    Happy anniversary! We celebrated 20 years yesterday.

  4. Congrats to you and hubby! But oh, I am so feeling for your little girl, so hard, that.

    1. Thank you. She said I could "put it on my blog" and was happy with all the kind words.

  5. Stupid pregnant hormones. I read about her poor bowl breaking and let a few tears go myself. She did do a wonderful job.

    1. Oh, sorry! :) I remember crying at greeting card commercials.

  6. Oh sweet girl, that is exactly like something I would have done. A beautiful job she did.

    1. Thank you. That's what I thought, it's usually me dropping breakables, not Ceci. :)

  7. Aw, poor kiddo! Hope that the repair works.
    Happy anniversary!