Monday, July 22, 2013

Ordinary days

We had a busy weekend; all the weekends with everyone home are just busy, fun, full of activities, eating and packing in as much as we can in a short amount of time.

Since Molly and I are still sharing a car, Friday I picked her up from Traci's to hang out at the YMCA with the girls and me. They had a great time at the water park. Lilly's swimming skills are improving. The way the park is set up with the ladder for the slide at her chest water level, pushes her to swim through the water so she doesn't know how hard she's working.  Back to Traci's to pick up Nick, drop off Maggie, stay and visit for a while, over to drop Molly at Emma's to go to a concert, drop kids off at home to meet Craig for a quick sushi dinner date, back home for a humid evening walk to come home to a returning Max from offshore so we can stay up late sharing the news of all our separate adventures of the week.
Storms moved in and around us all weekend, the yard is soaked, the garden is thinking about a come back and I'm thinking I'll spend some time weeding to give it a chance. The deer in our neighborhood are beyond nuisance level. Yes, I will hold a grudge since they destroyed my garden; more concerning are the quantity of herds dashing in and out the street as I drive the mile from the entrance to my home, it is alarming. 8,9,10, or there are 5 move just about to jump in front of the car. You would think we live in a wildlife park, (which does sound kinda nice) "let's slow down and count this herd, oh look a baby!" So numerous and bold, eating the roses just outside my window, and not at all afraid of my two big dogs. Although, I think my dogs are too fascinated by wildlife to actually chase anything but squirrels. One night I watched them curiously watch a raccoon eat the last of their dinner. I did have to ask them what was wrong with them, they just looked fascinated at the cute little guy.

While the storms brought slightly cooler air, outside is heavy with humidity. Craig and I went off on our usual four mile walk, leaving crossing the dam for the last leg to spice it up. We hadn't realized the quantity of rain that had fallen, the water was rushing over the top of the dam.  I was up for taking off the shoes and wade across, but my husband isn't a barefoot adventurer, and thought maybe it was deeper and slicker than I was wagering. 
Just twenty slightly risky steps to open the way for the last half mile, or turn back and traverse two miles home behind us. Except, "I know a short cut through the woods" (<~ that would be me) and adventurously trusting husband followed. Two more times stopped by water too deep to pass (since he had his new walking shoes on) while I protested that we could have made it, still I was happy to drag out our normal hour together to two hours with a delightful change of scenery.

After almost two years since our diocese invited the FSSP to establish a parish, we received news that all was cleared and signed and approved for our new parish to be established and to start the capital campaign to build on the 40 acre property. Planning meetings, phone calls, emails all a flurry to start going on plans that had been placed in neutral for a while.
 I look at the planning meetings a little a date night since it's just me and Craig for the long drive in and back from town plus  I dress nice, talk to grown ups even though I don't have much to add to the conversation, I delightfully soak in the adult- serious-we're building a church conversations!

With this great news, we also had to change direction in Ccd planning and get classes organized for the fall. We should have a Confirmation to schedule! So many good things happening for our parish, which will bring blessings to many families, our city, and our homeschooling community. 

A man asked me after Mass what my relationship was with Lilly. He had a heavy accent so I misunderstood his question and I assumed he was asking her age. Then he asked again; what was I, her grandmother, her aunt or ...mother? I laughed. I knew some day, as the kids looked older, as I looked older, people might  assume she belonged to my older kids.
Nope, she's mine. 
He said he was confused because,  as he pointed to my eldest, he always helps with her.  I thought that was a nice reason for his assumption. 

I'm up writing this extra early as I couldn't sleep after the boys left for their sailing adventure. I am so excited and happy for my two boys to have this time together. Sailing, snorkeling the reefs, adventuring around beaches... I wish I could have fit in their pockets and snuck along. They promise photos and videos and I plan a whole day when they return for them to tell me everything! 

I plan some girl intense activities for us this week to include a little clothes shopping for Euly, who has not stopped growing, and does not fit in clothes or shoes I bought two months ago! They do grow up too fast.

Noticing how few posts here in July, I accept Jen's challenge to post one a day til Sunday...

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