Saturday, July 6, 2013

Old Fashioned Patriotic Picnic

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We spent our Saturday in a simpler time at the Cypress annual old fashioned picnic. Old fashion old time Americana  / Texana.

thought there was only one kind of barbed wire?

Davy Crockett's Texas pride. I should have also captured the one on the left:
God is Good,
God is Great
Thank you Lord
for the Lone Star State.

The girls practiced weaving and admired others crochet, needlepoint, knitting, quilted handiwork. We were treated to Bluegrass music, lunch, visits to old craftsman in wood and metal, and a trip through a time of a general store. The day the previous owner decided to close up shop, he locked the door, and walked away, not clearing out anything (except maybe perishables) and decades later donated it to the county, frozen in time. 

Kids were treated to popcorn, snow cones, ice cream, and hot dogs.  They had some hands on activities to try, and really enjoyed the tin imprinting. 

While we were having our picnic, Cowboy Bob (with the Houston Rodeo) came up to our table, explained how he loves singing for children, asked Lilly if he could sing her a song, she agreed. He sang "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallows a Fly." Might be the first time she had heard the song, but she enjoyed the serenade and laughed at all the appropriate places, even sang along. Sweet moment. It is so nice how my kids help me make new friends.

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