Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Friday quick takes

How's your summer going?
We are having a very busy summer, thank you, probably the busiest of my kids' lives, which is due to everyone getting older, more independent and more opinionated about what they want to do, and that two have jobs, one that takes him out of town and off shore, the other's goes late into the night, another is going to two summer camps, girls to day camps, and we are down a car. Being a naturally lazy introvert, I do like a summer where most activities happen in our own backyard, and I guess those days might be over.
We have had more sleepovers this summer than ever. Last night, two of my older kids were at a friend's and I had one of hers here and a neighbor joined too, while husband and oldest were out of town with work. Different dynamics and eating menus and schedules...
Do I dare say I am looking forward to the routine of a school year? I know they aren't.
For more options to keep us on the go, we joined the YMCA. Our local Y's have very nice facilities. We had a few hours to waste between drop offs and meet ups yesterday so we hung out a the Y's water park. The attendance is down, (they opened a third in our general area), and I like the feeling of having the place to ourselves.
Ever notice the inconsistency of life guards' attitudes at public pools on different days? Some days they are whistle happy and all kids are guiltily looking at the lifeguard when they hear the constant whistle blasts. Other days, I find I'm the one fussing at the older gang of kids for going up the kiddie slides backyards and making the littles cry. I can be that mom when I need I be. 
I like to have the kids spend lots of time in the water, it usually wears them out for deeper sleep at bedtime. But it isn't working on Lilly. She has caught a little cold or has some allergy where it makes her forget how to breath at night. She is a nose breather normally, so with a stuffy nose, she attempts and attempts to breath through her nose, and it seems an eternity before she yells, screams, kicks and takes a deep breath from her mouth. All. night. long. She never really wakes up, although I whisper "breath through your mouth" in her ear over and over, no change. The only position she comfortable sleeps and breathes through her mouth seems to be propping her head on my stomach while I'm in a semi sitting position.

Little sweetie.
I'm still working on the de-junking and de-cluttering around the house. One attic space has been cleared out, computer room is done, girls room done. But I've save the biggest monster for last, the "schoolroom". All the papers we accumulate, art projects, lessons, and endless notebooks multiplied while I wasn't looking. What is it with having to look and evaluate each item instead if dumping an area of junk without even looking at it? I know there is the thought of finding the missing puzzle piece,  or what if they need this or that to remember their childhood or prove we actually home school?! It's a more exhausting project than just cleaning because there is so much evaluating going on. And it needs to be done out of sight of a certain 8 year old who is at the stage of not wanting to throw anything away.  They do love the feeling of work areas cleaned and refreshed. We use to move so often these purges happened naturally every year or two. Now, we are seven years in this house and have been filling it up. 

I must miss the change of moving and figuring out new spaces. Even as a kid I was a semi-annual room rearranger. The kids should be able to get jobs as furniture movers if need be. I moved some books, book cases, cabinets, beds around and the kids don't even imagine uttering an "aw mom", they just know if mom wants that double bookcase upstairs, they are ready to help. I'm kinda of pesty that way. At least two of my daughters already share this need for occasional rearrangement, so I don't worry about their rooms. My first and fifth are packrats who need a little push to get going. 
Hoping to be done soon and be ready to start the next project of planning our school year. 

Ok, I've already complained about living in the dark ages of technology since I have no Internet except on this 2"x2" phone screen, and blogger doesn't like to work on my phone, so no links either way, but you know how to get to Jen's to see more Qt's on your own, right?

Happy Friday- have a great weekend!

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