Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend, Monday's view

Outside my, like the car must be melting when you open the door hot!

I am thinking...about the man Ceci met at the park on Friday. She was very interested in his whittling and asked if she could approach him and ask about it. I thought that would be sweet. She sat and visited with "Will" about his life, travels, former service as a bus driver. He told her that he doesn't sell the walking canes he carves, he offers them to friends and strangers who need them, and will as long as he is able. He had one already stained that he offered to Ceci as a gift, and told her to share it with someone who might need it. He liked to look at fallen limbs and imagine what kind of animal head he could carve at the top of it. While she watched and visited, he carved what she thought looked like a swan.

I am praying for..our country, parish, family and strong marriages.

I am thankful...the party for Father turned out perfect!

In the kitchen...eating left overs left from generous fellow parishioners for Father's party. Lo mein, pumpkin spice bread, potato salad, macaroni salad, hots dogs, hamburgers. I am not sure how we were left with so much.

Around the house...not much to do, the party elves cleaned everything before everyone left, we all just enjoyed a day relaxing.

I am visit Donna.

I am reading...a book recommended so highly by a friend that I ordered on kindle instead of waiting to show up. I am just starting and anxious for a few moments to read this week. (She said she couldn't put it down until finished).
No Turning Back, Father Calloway's conversion story.

A favorite prayer from the Collect...
Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that the world may be regulated in its course by Thy governance for our peace, and that Thy Church may with tranquil devotion rejoice. Through our Lord . . .

A peek into my day...the boys put together their Father's Day gift today.

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