Friday, June 21, 2013

7QT Friday

My new favorite app:  Endomondo.
It keeps me exercising daily to compete with my prior day's accomplishment. It keeps tract of route, mileage, estimated calories burned and speed. It encourages me to pick up my speed to beat my last "score". And as a bonus, if done right, it loads activity and calories burned synced with My Fitness Pal. 
A voice interrupts your exercise to tell you the lap time and total time at every mile accomplished, helps to motivate progress along the exercise. 
Should I wonder that I have helped the government track me around my day? Do you ever get in the black helicopter mode of thinking? Heck, with FB, google email, blogger, they know what I'm thinking, talking about, who my family is, all because I participated with online social outlets.  Maybe they are tracking... anyway, I might as well have fun with it.
It is a weird feeling to notice priests are starting to be younger than me and they use hipper language? I read No Turning Back and it may be his wild life experiences or just youthfulness, but Father Calloway may be the hippest priest I've read. He has clear understanding of youth and troubles today from his own experiences. He delivers the message to put our loving Mother Mary in charge of everyone one in our life and prayers and that our God is a merciful Father.
We spent a few days visiting my parents and my mother in law this week. As my kids get older, it's fun to see the physical and personality traits they have inherited from each side, the combining of generations to their own unique person. Watching Ceci with her grandmother is entertaining to see in action how much they have in common, especially identical style of enjoying the phone calls from family and friends checking in.
I have been busy non stop for a month with vacation, party and visits. I have loved every minute of it, and keep finding things to keep me in that busy, busy, busy mode.  I know I need to slow down and take stock of school plans for this next year, see what I have and what needs to be ordered.  My biggest summer goal is to empty out attics and closets of unneeded junk. 
Although, I can't rest too long, Ceci's 8th birthday is around the corner, and she really wants a party this year. We've got to work around her friends' and brothers' vacation/ work schedules

Happy Friday! 

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