Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Life

Outside my window..."It's a cool day, go outside and soak it in. You won't have many cool days left." I have said this so many times this April that I think the kids don't believe me. We had nice, balmy weather through soccer picture day and soccer games, and a light rain just as we made it home only to intensify to a storm very like a hurricane, with tons of water and broken limbs all over the yard.
I am praying for..this country to wake up. This country to realize words and actions matter. The country to wake up and realize we belong to God, the gifts we enjoy come from God, not the government, and He deserves our gratitude. And sin is still sin even if everyone is doing it. Sin is still sin even if you try to rename it.
I am thankful...for dreams.
In the kitchen...well, not my kitchen, Craig and I had a quick date and treated ourselves to pepper seared maguro. Delicious!

I am creating...a First Communion banner project for my SS kids to do in class, that I can put together during the week and will be a surprise decoration for our parish First Communion party.
If you wonder....why I am opposed to the Girl Scout organization: read this.
I am reading...Edmund Campion with Nick, Uncle Tom's Cabin with Molly, Behind the Attic Walls with Euly and lots of Olivia picture books with Lilly.

I am watching...a dvr of the season finale of Duck Dynasty, my kids' new favorite show.
I am looking forward to...May crowning and First Communion of 5 of the kids in my Sunday School class. The youngest girl will have the honor of crowning a Blessed Mother statue next week. Ceci had the honor last year. This weekend is their last class, after most should have made their first confession. Then two weeks of beautiful celebrations in our parish.
Around the house...long overdue repairs finally getting attention. Looking good.
We am still pondering...whether we move forward on this or not. On one hand, I feel a definite, hopeful pull, on the other hand, the work that gets us from A to B seems daunting. I hate to make a decision based on selfishness or laziness, but maybe that is appropriate when it comes to where you live. Craig and I are really thinking about the quality of life for the younger children we are raising, balancing with the needs of the older children in our home. Feels nice to dream either way it goes.
One of my favorite things...the kids having a good time together.

A few plans for the rest of the
Something that made me chuckle..the look on Lilly's face after neighbor Lisa said,"She's so cute. I just want to eat her up." I have said that about babies, I hope they didn't take me literal.
A peek into my day...hail from crazy storm (requiring a new roof!)

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