Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Life: Gardens, Soccer and a new hope...


Outside my window...gorgeous spring weather, cool mornings up to the 70's.

I am praying for..victims of horrible incidents this week in West, Texas and the Boston bombing, for our enemies, and our country to wake up and return to Christian values.

I am thankful...for a family full of dreamers.

In the kitchen...lots of healthy snacking: bell peppers, celery, cucumbers, and lots of berries. Shrimp salad for dinner.

I am creating...a garden to take care of itself, except for weeding. Craig and Nick have the garden's electric fence back in operation after deer crashed through it at the end of last summer. They also set up an automatic watering system, improved from last year to direct water only in the beds.  Everything is planted, except the melons which aren't going in the garden. We will just sit back and let nature work its magic (and weed).

I am dreaming..about moving to the country. Where I live, some would say is the "country" but an acreage neighborhood that doesn't allow chickens isn't really "country" enough. Craig and I had some spare time this afternoon and thought we would drive out to look at a property we've looked at on the internet.
It was beautiful! It reminded me of the favorite things about our property in Alabama and Georgia. It is hilly, wooded, has a pond and a spring fed creek, fenced, peaceful trails...
and the things I didn't like so much about my Alabama and Georgia property: a house that needs work. Lots of work! It has a lot to work needed because the previous owner just "ran out of money" before he could "finish" the job. It is a beautiful home that photographs well, so I am not going to post any just now. But there are some serious repairs needed. It also is adding to our drive to anywhere we go. We already live a good distance from the city, this will add 30 miles. That's a whole different metro area compared to some locations, but Houston general area covered lots and lots of miles, three area codes, and hours to transverse. It's true, everything is bigger in Texas.
We need to pray about what to do. We made a little mistake by bringing Euly with us because she fell head over heels for it. "This is my room." "I can put my horse here."  "A goat would be great in this area." "Please, mom, dad?" Sounds perfect? But, my husband has a full time job, just not sure we are ready for a real redo just now. And there is the extra drive.
Here is a view down and up the driveway, with horses coming up from the creek thinking we might have food.

I am reading...Edmund Campion with Nick & Euly, Uncle Tom's Cabin with Molly, and a variety of picture books with the girls.

I am watching...a Masterpiece series Mr. Selfridge. My dvr was set to auto record any Mp shows. This is an interesting look into how department store concept came to be under the true story of  Harry Gordon Selfridge and a look into the early 1900 London.

Around the house...declutter clothes, my goal is to have ten bags removed this week.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer especially this week after reflecting on so much heroic action in traumatic times...
"It is a most useful thing, when we see another doing any spiritual good to his neighbour, to seek by prayer to have a part in that same good which the Lord is working by the hand of another.'

St. Philip Neri

One of my favorite things...this time of the Sunday school year when Father comes to talk to my kids.  (Not my favorite because they get so nervous they act like I haven't taught them anything) but the part when he gives them a tour of the sacristy and altar. I learn so much about the vestments and want to learn the history and significant of each piece. Nothing is by accident, there is a reverent reference to Christ from the five crosses in the altar stone( five wounds) to the arrangement of the waiting vestments shaped in the initials for IHS, for Christ.  These kids are very blessed, but can absorb only part of what he shares with them. I hope it inspires their curiosity to keep learning about this rich Catholic faith.

A few plans for the rest of the week... School, school and school. No extra appointments to interrupt any day this week. ( I hope that doesn't jinx it) and (we might want to see that property again). We do have the last science day of the year, boy scouts, soccer practices, neighborhood park day :), music lessons, meal for a friend recovering from surgery, and a girls group meeting, but we should be able to get school for this week done.

A peek into my Saturday!

Ceci's team spirit
(I bet it is the coach's car)

Have a great week!

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