Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theme Thursday: Sky

{Theme Thursday} - Sky

I know the theme isn't boys, but my memory of this day, in 1997, visiting my sister Katherine in Big-Sky-Country, aka Texas, while we lived in the woods in Alabama, was 
all sky: 
all blue, 
all big and beautiful.

I happen to be featuring boys again because 
these guys grew up 
and I am feeling quite melancholy about it today.

Even when we lived miles apart these guys were best friends whenever we were reunited, close cousins.
Now, the one nephew is graduating college and moving many hours away. And my sweetie just let me know that the college summer job (that I was to have him at home) (at least in the evenings) will take him to further more exciting destinations more than he thought.

It is what I want for them, just a little heart breaking in the living of it.

My hope for the future.

King of the Mountain

The sky 's the limit, boys,
or maybe I should say, 
the stars.


  1. Such a sweet post! That first one is my favorite, but they're all special.

  2. Oh this hurt my heart in a sweet way...

  3. Boys like that should stay that age..forever!
    Hard when they grow up. I still have a 9yr old boy in my house. So enjoying him.

    My fav. is the first picture!

  4. So wonderful. Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. You are right, what we want for them is so hard for us moms left behind. Part of motherhood.

  5. Oh, I hear you! I have been a bit melancholy lately, too. My four oldest boys (ages 25 to 29) have been out of the nest for awhile. But I thought I was going to have my youngest son, who's 20 and a sophomore in college, home for the summer at least. We just found out that he's going on a 5-week trip to France this summer to do a sort of Army exchange internship thing, and then to Airborne school (he's in the Army ROTC, and both of these opportunities were open to him because of that). These are great opportunities and I'm happy for him...but sad for me. We'll only have him home for a couple of weeks total and then he'll be back at school again.

    They do grow up. And it's wonderful. But I miss the little boys they were! Your photos remind me so much of my own boys. Thanks so much for sharing them today.

    1. Thank you. It seems the melancholy comes in waves, or maybe in tune with the school calendar. It is exciting to see them live their dreams.
      France - I'd tell him to send pictures!
      No more boys in mud boots around here, just little girls with dolls (which is its own kind of wonderful).

  6. Love the blue blue sky in that second picture!

  7. I can't even read the post, based on the comments. It'll make me all weepy. But I love love love the color of the sky in that first picture.

  8. I love your last two photos. They remind me of what my boys can and will do. I love that I still have quite a bit of time with them. =)

  9. Puleeze scan these photos in and email them to me.