Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Zoo day with three of my and three of my friends' children.
We had a lovely day, cloudy with a nice mist of rain to cool us.

"Take a picture of me and my pet roly poly." ~Ceci
Why does this little one just love pill bugs when she screams at any other of the bug variety? I think it  must be because they are easy to catch, move slow and unsuspiciously, aren't fragile when handled and can roll up into that neat little armored ball.

peek a boo elephant swimming in his pond.

If you give Lilly a tube of glitter,
she'll want a piece of paper to go with it.
Once she thinks her little scribbles aren't fancy enough,
she'll want to add a little sparkle flare,
and if a little is good,
the whole contents of the glitter bottle will look even better.

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  1. Laughed aloud at your comments about Roly Polys...too true! My daughter is the same way. Happy Thursday!!

  2. That elephant picture is just the best! And your 'real' words reminded me of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. hehehe

    sweetness, all of it.

  3. Thanks for joining! Great photos!