Monday, April 22, 2013

Counting Gifts: 3500 Gifts

3500 Robin, stopping the lesson, coming over to me with a big smile, squeezing my hand, thanking me for my family, making me stop and think "Yes, I love every moment of it!"
3499 First day on the job for her "real" job. Angels go with her!
3498 Husband and wife, the comfort of not going at this alone.
3497 Free back rubs
3496 An early, late-April morning starting at 37 degrees.
3495 Smells of honeysuckle on a walk, brings me back through time to my childhood.

3494 How Lilly insists on giving her daddy a goodbye hug and kiss, how she's so tiny but insists on reaching up to her tall dad for goodbye.
3493 "I suddy (sorry), kiss, kiss." Lil
3492 5 miles of therapy with Molly
3491 Mahi mahi fits in perfect at dinner
3490 Spring rains make my garden happy, happy, happy.
3489 Even after waiting and hour and half, being a patient patient.
3488 "Welcome to the program."
3487 Cool refreshing breezes.
3486 My girls working hard to help me with our busy day.
3485 Hair cut fits in my day.
3484 Nicks physical good and done.
3483 Midday date - Chuys.
3482 Date doctor appointment.
3481 "Haha tickle my teeth with my toothbrush, mom. Haha"
3480 Trill and chirp of night birds communicating after dark.
3479 Every day with my babies.
3478 Just praying for those in Boston, all the victims and all those who helped. United with prayer.
3477 That there are little people walking around in my house singing happy sounds
3476 Adoration chapel next to scout meeting, able to spend time with Jesus in thanksgiving.
3475 Getting good news for a change.
3474 "Contract to be signed the 24th". Praise God
3473 Great news about parish
3472 Many hands make light work cleaning up house.
3471 Corn on the. Cob.
3470 Max working for scholarships.Awarded a new one!
3469 Lebanese ketchup.
3468 Brusters: celebrating two goals by two girls.
3467 Picking up speed on the bike, feeling good
3466 46 degree early morning bike ride with all the smells, fresh  mowed grass, dead fish at lake, sweet spring flowers, exhaust. laundry smells, sweet firewood burning.
3465 "I felt like Barney when I said that." - one of my kids who wants to be anonymous.
3464 "Is that a scapular?" funny conversation opener
3463 Bonnie waiting and making it easier for me to do my job.
3462 Saint Augustine:
'The peace of the celestial city is the perfectly ordered and harmonious enjoyment of God, and of one another in God. The peace of all things is the tranquillity of order.
3461 A safe place to vent.
3460 Sister phone call to set everything in perspective.
3459 Spring rain watering my garden.
3458 Saint Augustine:
"Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing itl right is right even if no one is doing it."
3457 St. Mark the Ascetic:
'When you are wronged and your heart and feelings are hardened, do not be distressed, for this has happened providentially; but be glad and reject the thoughts that arise within you, knowing that if they are destroyed at the stage when they are only provocations, their evil consequences will be cut off, whereas if the thoughts persist the evil may be expected to develop.'
3456 Blessed Margaret d’Youville
"All the wealth in the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united."
3455 Mother Teresa;
"I think the world today is upside down. Everybody seems to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater development and greater riches and so on. There is much suffering because there is so very little love in homes and in family life. We have no time for our children, we have no time for each other; there is no time to enjoy each other. In the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world."
3454 Pope St. Gregory
"The words of those who bring up children will be as milk if they be good, but as deadly poison if they be evil."
3453 Euly: with the the biggest, most open heart!
3452 Curtain refresh.
3451 I didn't notice how loud we all were until they started eating, and all became embarrassingly, deafeningly quiet.
3450 Little rhythmic breathing sounds of my girl sleeping peacefully.
3449 Comforting Lilly with a tummy ache
3448 Molly's giving heart.
3447 It's really three windy outside...
Dadada da..
Okay Now quit it.
3446 Garden is planted.
3445That's not just too loud it's four loud
Nick is silly.
3444 I don't want to be with you forever, I want to be with you five ever.
Silly guys.
3443 H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
"Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get."
3442 Desmond Tutu
"You don't choose your family.
They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."
3441 John Muir:
"Let children walk with Nature,
let them see the beautiful blendings
and communions of death and life,
their joyous inseparable unity,
as taught in woods and meadows,
plains and mountains and streams
of our blessed star,
and they will learn that death
is stingless indeed,
and as beautiful as life."
3440 H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Live so that when your children think of fairness,
caring and integrity, they think of you.
3439 Nice thing about having lots of kids- it's always a party
3438 Nick killing ants in garden with boiling water
3437 Starting garden -better late than later
3436 Volunteering and staying caught up on the paperwork.
It's all for a good's all for a good cause...
3435 Yellow roses in Mary's garden

3434 Taking on the rv curtain challenge
3433 Nick: "Mom my life is really becoming awesome"
3432 Saint Augustine
"Patience is the companion of wisdom."
3431 Scary auto call about incident at Molly's school- thank God not same campus. Mercy!
3430 Bye... See ya later... Toot-a-loo
3429 You know it's not good when you hear - rapping:
"I stuffed too much McDonald's in my tummy too fast."
3428 Iron man awesomeness
3427 Survive the dump process with huge belly laughs shared with nick
3426 Watching someone set a goal...Work her heart and body out...And see the joy and relief of accomplishing that goal!
3425 Gearing up to go back to real life
3424 Harvey is ready to roll
3423 John 15:18

  "If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you."
3422 Overheard: "How many kids do they even have now?"
"I don't even know."
It's just six, not 32.
3421 Overheard on phone "this is Craig.. Ahem, I mean Craiggy.
3420 Cheering Judy along her way
3419 Seeing Marilyn accomplish so much
3418 Views from rv
3417 New awning
3416 So cool but too much sun
3415" Sacred heart if Jesus have mercy on us"
3414 "Angel of God, my guardian dear..."
3413 (Jer 32:39)

 "I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me for their own good and the good of their children after them. " 
3412  (Psalm 89:7)

God is more awesome than all who surround him.
3411 Working on letting go of human respect.
"If I kneel before God I can stand before men."
3410 Knowing we are all int this together being different...
And proud did it.
3409 A good marriage relationship is being able to focus on the one with you on the merry go round and not worry about the world around being out of focus
3408 Vigil mass.
3407 Seafood bisque- and memories of prom 30 years ago.
3406 All together to cheer Mar on.
3405 Euly's joy at spending time with a cousin.
3404 Euly helping ready the rv.
3403 Hermit crab races

3402 The yelling calls of seagulls.
3401 "She's so smart she counted to ten..
Then she dipped her cracker into my yogurt ..."

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