Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Journal

Outside my window...pretty but definite jacket weather. Happy for a few more nippy days. Who wouldn't love sunny days that start at 32 and end near 70?

I am thinking...we should rename Grommet to Houdini. I don't know how he gets free, but he has to escape for a dip in the lake. I need to get a tag for his collar that says, "No need to pick me up, or feed me, or house me or take me to the vet, just let me go home, I know the way, or call my owner/mom." We have lots of dog lovers on the next street that want to help him get home, just when he was so proud of his escaping skills.

he has to rest up from his long party weekend.
I am praying for..our parish, our country, those who are fighting cancer and other diseases, and those mentally burdened that just struggle to make it through the days.

I am thankful...good health, happy family. And a date night get away where we didn't really go anywhere but escaped just to talk to each other uninterrupted.

In the kitchen...Italian cream cake for Craig's birthday weekend.

I am recommended by Auntie Leila: The encyclical Canti Cannubii on the topic of Christian marriage.

I am watching...nothing, no tv for lent.

I am looking forward to...spring break one week away!

Around the house...painting project -extended to include den-is done and I am tired, but a good kind of accomplished feeling accomplished.

I am pondering...a story based on/ inspired by a dream including: A crazy, vivid dream about a farm house, a maid, metal disorders and a supernatural battle.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...
Prayer for the election of the Sovereign Pontiff
V. I will raise Me up a faithful priest, who shall do according to My Heart and My Soul.
R. And I will build him a faithful house: and he shall walk all day before My Anointed.

Let us pray.
We most humbly entreat Thee, O Lord, that Thy boundless goodness may grant as pontiff to the most holy Roman Church one who shall ever be both pleasing to Thee, by his loving zeal in our regard, and, by his beneficent rule, deeply revered by Thy people to the glory of Thy name. Through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen.

One of my favorite things...a long bike ride. We ordered a trailer for Lilly so we can venture in longer excursions.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Regular ole' school week with no scouts, but PF merit badge, science day, neighborhood "group" park day, and meeting family and friends at candlelight stations on Friday at my sister's church.

Something that made me very happy...Craig was able to finish putting the Toyota's engine's million pieces back together and it runs, runs good and it passed inspection after second attempt. (with apology as a bonus!). Curse you government regulations! Curse you "Blessed" Automotives.
And **beware** when buying a used car some people will actually disable the check engine light to sell a poor sucker a lemon (while *gasp* claiming they are followers of Christ). But thankfully my husband likes a good engine puzzle and has it all better. And he has a great friend with Toyota mechanic certification offer to help.

A peek into my day...Perfect bike weather. Ceci showing me she has mastered riding Max's old bike.

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