Thursday, March 7, 2013

{Theme Thursday} piles

{Theme Thursday} - piles

Piles, we have plenty... mostly books, paper, clothes...

Thankfully, Molly wanted to try egg rolls tonight. I love when Molly decides to try something new. It means variety to our routine meals.

Pork Egg rolls.
But as usual we have to ad lib a little with recipes depending on what is in stock.
What pork do we have?
I had Maple breakfast sausage, ... strange? Maybe, but it actually made it a little sweeter.
f 2 1/60 iso 400
I love my 50 lens, just not so much with up close food shots
She liquefied her onions, added graded ginger and powdered garlic. Then she mixed it with lettuce (oops no cabbage here) and shredded carrots,

f 2.8, 1/60, iso 200
this combination would be perfect to eat with a spoon, but she wanted to complete her task.
rolled up in egg roll papers,
made the glue out of corn starch and water.

I helped with the frying and yummmm.

What I learned, is that it really is hard to take pictures to show how yummy food is. I have lots of awkward pics of these egg rolls, looking really uncomfortable and not appetising at all. Pioneer Woman has earned even more of my respect.
about now I remembered to adjust iso to 1600 1/25 f5.6
Capturing pictures while frying, it looked interesting in person,
but here it looks like a strange and scary ocean banana coming out of the sea.
At least it was Delicious!

The yummiest piles: Piles of egg rolls!!
f2 1/60 iso 1600 
maybe depth of field training could be in Cari's photography lesson plans, please...?


  1. Your piles are definitely the yummiest!

  2. My my my, why didn't you invite me over? Yum. And the 50mm lens is so great. I actually love mine for food photography. I just need to make sure the light is good and close up the aperture a bit.

    1. Get here fast when she cooks, there aren't many left over (unlike my cooking).
      I still have so much to learn about camera settings, I'm sure adjusting for light inside is my biggest challenge.

  3. I love the banana description! I has to look back at the photo three times after that!

    I think you're photos turned out great, and now I an dying to make egg rolls again, if only I could get a kid of mine interested.

  4. Oooh, yum. Now I want piles of egg rolls for breakfast!

  5. Oh my gosh. Those look so good.
    Depth of field tutorial. Gotcha.
    But these look good as is.
    And delicious.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I think I can't go wrong with the 50mm, then when it picks one spot to focus on, not always what I want, I gotta learn how to control that.

  6. I am impressed. I have never tried to make egg rolls but now I feel kind of pumped up to try! Awesome pile!

  7. Oh wow I'm so hungry right now. Those look amazing!!

  8. Those look so delicious! Definitely my favorite pile so far :)

  9. Yummy! Edible piles are the best because they disappear quickly and easily.

  10. I am seriously going to need a snack before bed, now. YUMMERS!