Friday, March 1, 2013

{Theme Thursday} happiness or joy

{Theme Thursday on a Friday} happiness or joy
at Clan Donaldson. 

This week had lots of contentment, happiness an joy filled moments, just didn't find their way caught by my camera. I like this theme; it is uplifting and encouraging to look through the other bloggers who caught joy. Link ups are fun.

So motherhood is my path, my vocation, my joy. Not all day-every day, but mostly.
I know they are each one gifts to me, to each other and to the world.

Waking up each day knowing these people are here with me to share this life makes me very happy.
Taking a break from cleaning up a painting project upon hearing joyful laughter coming in from the back yard made me very happy to see their happiness on the trampoline.

So no great photography captured, just moments of happiness spent together in the back yard on a gorgeous March day.

like Nick's frog shadow?

my favorite with Euly in the air and Ceci's hair!

Go see more happiness and joy and double rainbows at Clan Donaldson and add your own :)

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  1. My kids are all jealous of your trampoline. So, so much fun!
    Thanks for linking up.