Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Ceci, Lilly and I went to the butterfly museum at the natural science museum this week. 


Cool butterfly camo, yucky looking fruit.  The butterfly thinks it's good.  

"Aw, the butterflies won't let me catch them, mom."
Ceci likes turtles and sloths and was happy all day at the museum, finding evidence of her favorite animals in prehistoric times.
Ceci is imagining how early man must have felt running into one of these huge sloth-zillas!
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While at the museum of natural science. We were greeted by a large mechanical bull dragon dinosaur that moved around shaking its tiny arms and loudly shrieking out terrifying growls. Lilly was obsessed. You could hear the growls throughout the museum. I think she knew deep down she was safe, but it haunted her while we walked around the museum.
She called it "Dragon".
While in the gallery of dinosaurs, those were renamed dragons.
Poor thing, it took all her courage to stand next to it for a picture.
The ride home she kept talking about how she wanted to ride the dragon.

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  1. How awesome!!! Oh wow, I wish we had something so cool nearby!