Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HMNS Museum Science Day and Butterfly Visit

The science classes Nick and Euly take allow an opportunity for Ceci, Lilly and I to explore the museums and zoo for unrushed hours. We missed the prior month's group tour of the butterfly museum and I promised the girls we would visit today. We were the only visitors this morning.

Ceci loves poison dart tree frogs

Red Postman
We saw many battered butterflies

Great mormon butterfly
 "Oh, no! Are they going to land on me?!"

pretty sure this is another of the great or common mormon variety
Ceci was having a good time with the guide sheet, looking for her favorites and identifying as many butterflies as she could from the chart.
We really enjoyed seeing so many Rice Paper butterflies, just didn't capture a good shot. Ceci had hoped to see a Lacewing, maybe next time.
Underside of the Tawny Owl

The underside of my favorite, Blue Morpho

We still had hours, so we popped into the new dinosaur exhibit. Is it me, or are sloths the new thing out there? I see them used in so much in the media, maybe I'm oversensitive. We were impressed mostly by this sloth:
what he would have looked like with his fur on:
 how crazy would it be to spot Slothzilla strolling around the neighborhood?!
The afternoon portion gave us the treat to an IMAX 3D movie on Polar region/Ice Age mammals, including a cool look into the extinction of mammoths. Cool for us, not so much for them.
 Ceci was saddened for the fate of this ancient turtle:

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