Friday, March 15, 2013

Comet chasing...

A one in a hundred fifty million day.....

Nick's picture capturing the comet?...
no just a dancing moon.

We went to my sister's house in the country for a spring break refresher. We had a wonderful day with family and new friends around the table and the pool and for an evening walk to search for Comet Pan.

We relaxed by the pool, little ones venturing in the cool waters for a quick swim, then having fun with Joseph's sailboat. We were treated to grilled burgers and a nice glass of wine. The kids played board games, card games, exchanged stories from their lives and just hung out relaxing and enjoying each other. The best kind of visit. We went for an evening walk to see a Comet some of them had spotted the night before, Pan.
Lilly wasn't up for waiting in the dark (with the sound of coyotes in the distance), so my sister and I missed it. The rest of the kids were patient enough to see it through binoculars. Once they knew where it was they could spot it for a while with their eyes. I hope to venture out after dark soon to try again from home, but we have a little more light noise closer in.

It wasn't until the drive home that I realized the uniquely special and  bittersweet experience this day was. How many wonderful days of my children's childhood spent with their cousins on that gorgeous property?! With our children's lives change so much, so quickly, we don't have this kind of day as often as when these guys were very little. I'll treasure this day, as much as all the days we have at Larryland.

How to see Comet Pan.

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