Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I had a burst of strange I-gotta-do-something-or-some thing's-got-to-change type of energy and it was noted that this was happening on a full moon. One of the kids suggested maybe I had emerging werewolf powers.
I don't know what is making me itchy. Sometimes I need a change and I can't change anything. Most of our married life we have moved around a lot, some times only staying in a house one or two years. We've been here over six, so I don't know if it is cabin fever, but I thought " I have to paint something!"
Paint is the cheapest form of redecorating a drastic change to a room.
(Rearranging furniture doesn't count as drastic).
All the rooms in the main part of our house flow together without an easy place to stop painting, due to the rounded corner open floor plan design. I started with a really dark brown green called lentil. I taped off what I thought would be a good stopping point for a color transition. but once those walls were done and fresh looking, and really liked it, and just kept going.
My girls begged to help. Euly was incredible with the roller, cut my time in half! She kept saying how much fun she was having and how it was like we were building a new house.
I guess I should be teaching contentment to love what you have. Sometimes I get restless, and sprucing up what I look at daily refreshes me. And I liked those quick house redo shows of about a decade ago, maybe I'm reliving that show. My husband has been out of town this week and we should have all the painting done and put away by the time he comes home tonight. Surprise honey!! He is used to this crazy side of his wife, although I haven't gone too crazy with this house. In a few homes we've had I had a great time creating faux finishes to look like weathered leather, water, animal fur, and just played with bright colors to brighten boring living spaces.
Project (mostly) complete! Its beautiful and should keep me happy...
(At least until the next full moon).
Got any ideas for extra non directed creative energy?

Dark lentil on left, dining room with latest faux project. No longer boring.

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