Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Friday Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 210)

I woke too early this morning to some subconscious awareness of movement in the house and my husband isn't supposed to return from his business trip until tonight.  A few minutes later, a cell phone trill. I freeze believing it to be an intruder who forgot to silence his phone before entering our house. I hold my breath. A few more minutes, same trill, a few more minutes, the same trill. Must be what woke me in the first place.
My 14 year old son got a text on his ancient hand me down cellphone (why I didn't recognize trill). It is set to remind him of text as often and loud as possible. Who texts people at 6 am?

During my frozen stillness of fear, I had a little insight into my two youngest girls' relationship. It has been like static electricity from the beginning. I think Lilly knew Ceci and I were still close (she sensed while in utero) and she thought she had to thwart her as soon and often once born. Ceci always appears innocent to me during Lilly's claims of infractions. Ceci could walk near Lilly as a baby and Lilly would scream protests reserved only for Cc. (Even with her eyes closed).
So to also break the silence this morning, Lilly yells in her sleep many times, "no Cc!" " that's mine Cc!" "stop Cc!"  Poor Cc, sleeping deeply and peacefully next to her sleeping accuser.

I predict they will be great friends- once they reach adulthood.

We are officially half way through Lent on our way to Easter. Time to reevaluate and rethink out progress/ non progress. Always good to renew tired resolutions. And not forget, the devil would like us to quit, let down our guard, we must double efforts the Lenten season.

From our pastor's sermon on staying the course:
"We must keep in mind that the devil is very persistent in trying to make us lose our souls, and that he is far superior to us in strength and skill."
Re tighten the armor!

Go Rand Paul! I love me a good filibuster! I love to see some one fighting for We the People!! Maybe nothing changes with his efforts this week, but happily his efforts have had to reach some people that might still be politically asleep. Also to shake up those tired establishment Republicans that function essentially as Democrats! Especially the ones dining with the Pres during Paul's 13 hour patriotic effort to save the rights The Pres/Holder would like taken away!

From a friend via email:
"You may or may not be aware that the Roe vs Wade of marriage is being waged in the highest court of our land: the case against Prop8 of California. Heaven forbid, should the judges rule against Prop8, this has the potential to close down our churches a lot sooner than we all think. There is a deadline to present "amicus briefs", March 24 is fast approaching. I ask you to:
Pass along this link where you can sign the petition to the Supreme Court to respect Real Marriage to all your contacts and ask them to do the same. Urge them to do it as fast as they can the deadline is fast approaching:
The America Needs Fatima Blog
Pray and fast extra hard these days, on top of this we also have the Vatican conclave.
Offer up as many sacrifices, devotions, etc to Our Lady to ask for her powerful intercession.
This is a big one, may Our Lady have mercy on us and protect our nation."

Well I found the phone with the all-so-important-communication which needed to be said between 14 year old friends at 6:05 am
"I found my ninjastars!!"
My son and his neighbor friend have decided to practice the art of ninja and parkour.
I love their sweet, diligent, innocent enthusiasm of practicing obstacle courses, improving running, jumping and tree hoping skills. They have agreed not to jump off anything too high, but I did wonder at the recent placement of trampoline under the play scape...I sometimes have to stifle a giggle but for something that keeps teenage boys outside exercising and having fun together for hours ( instead of video games) I'm all in!
But ninja stars? That's so violent. Lol
They make them out of paper.

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