Thursday, February 7, 2013

to wear or not to wear a hat...

Molly is going to a country dance and I think she would have fun to dress more like a "country girl." Well, it isn't quite her style, so I found my old cowboy hat in the attic and said I'd leave it up to a vote.
1. Should she wear this hat to the dance?
2. Maybe yes to a hat, just not this hat?
3. No hat?

1/60, f 6.3, ISO 100

1/25 f 2.8 ISO500
well, if Molly doesn't like my hat, I'll save it for Lilly.
1/20, f 1.8 ISO100


  1. Yes - she looks great in the hat.

  2. Yes, of course Molly is beautiful in anything! But the hat is especially cute on her!

  3. Yes to the hat!

    I love all the pics but especially the lighting in the middle one

  4. I love the sequins in her shirt coupled with the cowboy hat. Hey, that's a country song, isn't it? "Sequins and cowboys"? I bet it is.
    Your daughters are beautiful, and that first one in color is stunning.

    Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you next week.

    1. Thanks! I couldn't decide which I liked better, so I picked both.
      I am not current on country music, except what plays at my dentist office, and they really like a song about rain making corn, corm making whisky, and my kids were surprised by the rest of the song.
      Thanks for hosting, it's fun!

  5. I remember you in that hat, Mary. :) both beautiful!!