Thursday, February 7, 2013

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round button chicken

The much battled with crochet purses are done! Euly finished hers up, even added a fairy as decoration. I helped Cc finish hers. This was a very physical job. She wanted the strap a little shorter, I folded it up, so we could let down as she grows taller. Both turned out nice; the girls are pleased. Cc's has just under 3 yards of fabric...
Euly's has over 5 yards, so her purse is heavier. When/If we do this again, we will try to leave out crochet loops larger as too not use so much fabric. Euly likes how her turned out, with the liner and open spaces on each side, she had three main pocket sections to the purse.

Ceci thought she'd see what the crocheted section would look like as a hat.

The younger girls made a journey with me to visit Max on a very rainy day. It was raining hard, and a tropical resort town is a little lonely in the rain. We picked up Max, had a wonderful lunch with views of the Gulf. The beach was too cold and wet, the other park I'd hope to see was out, so what better place to visit than the Rain Forest Pyramid? I hadn't been to there in many years. These younger ones had never been. It was better than I remembered, a little more expensive too. We saw butterflies, birds, bats and monkeys up close. It is a beautiful place, we pretty much had all to ourselves. We were all very happy with our little visit.

he looks like he wants us to leave

'could have touched him, didn't want to.

the otter really had very cat like features.
The real is the two and a half hours it took to drive the 90 miles home in the blinding rain. Our Guardian Angels worked hard keeping us safe as we passed car wreck after car wreck through the rain, passing over 8 major accidents on the freeways. God bless all the busy emergency workers as they all were very busy! Since I had a different mix of kids with me, the seating arrangement changed, Euly was up front with me. The younger kids enjoy the opportunity to sit up front as they never have that chance with an older sibling on the ride. We had a nice visit together as she was my captive for so many hours in the car. We discovered she is a good navigator as we had to take a few detours coming and going. She won't "own" that seat still for a few years, I'll have to shake up who goes with me more often.

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  1. We had a very set seating arrangement in the car, growing up - I think if we all were to go to pile in now, we'd still know exactly where to sit!