Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nick's Paintball Birthday

Fourteen years go quickly by...
One moment I'm pregnant.
the next I'm holding the sweetest, roundest baby.
A few moments later, 
he's fourteen.

Paintball is a great physical activity. It gets kids outside, running, strategizing, working together with a team. They are having so much fun they wouldn't think it is exercise. Watching is almost as fun as playing. I know some would object looking at the pictures and think, it is violent, they are shooting at each other. But it is all in good fun. Kids naturally play cops/robbers from young ages, this just gives them more tools. It is a fun activity. We play at a public course, not knowing who you might get on your team. Mostly men, but good hearted, team working good guys out to have fun with their friends, but not so much they run over or exclude other ages. They split up in teams, picked by a captain. The public course (versus at home play) is structured, with referees to ensure fair play and safety rules followed. The equipment must be secured, eye protection worn. Many people had more body armor than I've seen before today, but couldn't do more than layering with a few more shirts. 

It is good family fun.

great new stories of experiences to share....

wishing she was old enough to play...
she is happy she finally is old enough to join in....

Words I wish I could imprint on your heart in honor of your birthday:

You are my stirring hope for the future.
You are God's plan to renew the culture.

You can and will do great things because you have a good heart,
persistent hope,
enduring strength,
inspiring ideas,
and a contagious joy for life.

You light others up by your attitude for life.
You have courage that will face lions and demons and stand firm in your faith to light the way for others.
You will lead others by your decisions whether you notice other people or not.
You can do anything and should do all you can.

Do not hide your talents.
Do not waste your opportunities.
Do live your life and it will be a life well lived.

I am proud to know you,
honored to walk in this life with you,
and humbled to be your mother.
Your good qualities are God given, not mother taught.

Forgive my failures and rash words; forgive all injuries others do to you.

Know you are loved!

You bring joy to your family.

Happy Birthday - a wonderful 14 years!

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