Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Friday Quick Takes

It's been a busy week, and we are looking at a busy weekend. It's a good kind of busy full of worthwhile activities. I don't usually like February, so keeping busy should make it go by fast. I got up this morning ready for the day, everything packed, told the kids we were leaving in ten minutes, "Umm mom, don't you mean an hour and ten minutes?" Oops! Well, better early than late? I am glad they pointed the time out before we got in the car.

Nick has two scouting functions this weekend. I'm not satisfied that the vote was moved, (I wanted a NO!), but it was viewed as a conservative victory. I am not against any people, but I am against shameless manipulation of children for money and agenda. A vote to keep gays out of scouts is a vote to keep a twisted and unhealthy sexual agenda out of scouts. I have always appreciated the real life aspect of scouts which lets boys be active and too busy to worry about topics of sex, but developing their knowledge and interests in a variety of skills and career opportunities. Sex education does not come up at scout meetings, and needs to stay that way. There is not now a merit badge proving tolerance. Can we not have a safe haven for good ole fashioned innocence? If the ban is lifted, it is a design to change the one area left in America where masculine efforts will be attacked. What else is there that proudly promotes boys to grow into healthy, strong, good, reverent, manly men? Scouts are not perfect, but lifting the ban would corrupt it and leave those troops supported by religious institutions under attack.
from a facebook friend:
AFA Action Alert:
The Boy Scouts of America have just announced it will not make any decision on its membership policy until its annual meeting in May. One of those leading the charge to change the policy to allow homosexuals as leaders is AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.
It seems Stephenson's mission is to destroy the Boy Scouts of America from within. As an executive board member, he is using his corporate influence to bully the BSA into gay assimilation. Now...
It is time for Stephenson to resign from the BSA board.
AT&T has already cut funding to the BSA, a direct personal conflict of interest for Stephenson.
It's reasonable to expect members of the BSA board to lead in a way that exemplifies the very basic values that made the BSA successful. Stephenson has shown he doesn’t. It is time for Stephenson to resign from the BSA board.
The BSA doesn't need his leadership. The BSA doesn't need his company's money...especially with the strings he has attached to it.
At present, Stephenson is set to become the chairman of the BSA board in 2014. Unless he is out, you can expect he will push even harder to force the gay agenda.
It is time for Stephenson to resign from the BSA board.
1. Sign the Petition: ATT CEO Randall Stephenson should resign from the executive board of the Boy Scouts of America. He doesn't espouse their values, he should move on.
2. Copy and post this message on the AT&T Facebook page at

I am glad we homeschool in Texas, not Connecticut. Slow down government!

Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday. Days of fasting and abstinence make me want to sleep late and hide in bed all day. We are busy that day too, so it should pass by quickly. I usually get a little excited and nervous starting Lent. A new challenge to renew, redirect and focus on our souls.  I tried to focus my thoughts about it here yesterday.

Sharing some happiness in my day, Shelia sure loves my girls.

Informative video about the Truth of Contraception:

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!
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