Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Friday Quick Takes

It's a First Friday...
Actually a special one, it's Cc's 9th!! I have enjoyed our Friday excursions to mass alone together these nine months. Sometimes we have others come along, but mostly it's been just us. I don't know if she really understands everything associated with the devotion, probably not, but she will remember our devotion to get to mass in honor of the Sacred Heart. When it's on her own heart and time, maybe she will recommit to the novena of monthly masses again. She told me she wants to keep going with a novena of novenas. :)

I don't know if its the right or appropriate way to honor the Sacred Heart, but I promised to celebrate iced cream sometime today at her favorite place.... Bruster's. She wanted to go straight after Mass, which ended at 7 am, so that inspired her to start singing Veggie Tales' Cheeseburger song substituting with ice cream lyrics. We are fans, but not enough to stalk the parking lot for a few hours.

We are experiencing some teen angst! All heart strings and some mild drama.
I have a 16 year old daughter...Enough said?
Well, how a mom ever knows she is doing the right thing by teenager girls!? She doesn't always or necessarily agree with me and my view point, and it's not always a fun position to be in....kinda exhausting to battle the world, knowing its a long, hard fight and I have three other girls to fight for too makes it worth the battle scars.
I need suggestions for patron saints over head strong daughters. I'm looking for someone more like a female Saint Augustine, Ideas?

My husband's travel schedule is finally starting to wear me down. I'm ready for a change. I am not sure if he is, but I need him around more, and so do the kids. See #3

One of my sisters is in town this weekend, well, in a nearby town in conjunction with a major city separating us by 50 miles; but closer than normal. I am hoping I can spend a little time with her and her great kids.

February homeschool doldrums? Must fight before Lent begins.
I'm going to try adding these:
Daily mass
Nature walk,
Photography excursions,
Take on a new devotion,
Keep music playing,
Do school in a different setting.
Find ways to add more happiness and laughter.
Any good ideas for battling the doldrums?

Nick is going to turn 14 this month. How that sweet, round, happy baby is on his way to being a man just leaves me baffled. Time - you go too fast!
Still happy, still easy going, still smiling. What a gift he is! A vintage look back 13 years ago:

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