Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend life

"The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes,
but liking what one has to do."
- J. M. Barrie

Outside my window... Cool, but a beautiful, big, blue, sunny Texas sky! So it must be time to get a few bulbs in the ground.
Lilly didn't last long, she isn't into getting her hands dirty.

planting iris and lily bulbs in the back.
I am might want to buy a beautiful, sturdy, solid blue lapis rosary and beautiful rosary box to help build a new church:
Craig's rosary & box
Celebrating 25 years of Tradition

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), we are offering this exclusively designed commemorative rosary to help fund the development of new FSSP parishes.

This project is sponsored by Regina Caeli Parish in Houston, TX, which is a new parish being built from the ground up; funds raised will initially be used on its behalf.

The entire rosary reflects the charism of the FSSP and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each rosary is individually handmade using 8mm blue lapis stones and a specially designed crucifix in a fleur-de-lis theme. The brass centerpiece, in deep blue enamel, is a detailed replica of the FSSP coat of arms and includes the keys of St. Peter and three white teardrops. The rosary is constructed with strong 20 gauge bronze wire and comes in a decorative solid wooden box.

Founded in 1988, the FSSP continues to grow throughout the world. Please support the Fraternity in its work to form parishes devoted to the Church and the Traditional Roman rite with your purchase of this beautiful commemorative rosary.

Encourage support of the Fraternity and Tradition with the gift of this rosary to a friend or family member, or purchase one for a Fraternity priest, seminarian, or religious.

$99.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling.For shipping charges on international orders please contact us at

A generous donation from the sale of each rosary to benefit the FSSP.

Pray for the priests, pray for the Church,pray for the spread of the Faith throughout the world!
Go here to see order details

Come visit Houston and visit our parish.

I am praying for..increased vocations

I am thankful...
for our parish and a wonderful priest to lead us and lead the building/founding of a parish. We are learning so much about traditions that are not celebrated anymore. Traditions that have been celebrated for centuries. We are so blessed!
This week Father came the long drive to our home to bless our house with the Epiphany Blessing. We were able to see the ceremony for blessing of the Epiphany Holy Water. The success of such an endeavour to start a new traditional parish requires a very devoted, faithful, hard working and resourceful priest. We are blessed to have such a priest.
In the kitchen...
I am baking banana bread, kids are making hot chocolate.
I am wondering...
the audacity of some people and being very thankful for our hardworking guardian angels. We stopped by Palais Royal on our way home from confession in Houston and as we were walking in a man was walking/running out with a handful of blue jeans, security alarm beeping. No one else seemed to notice, so I asked a clerk if that was what he was supposed to be doing, then all went up in alarm. I snapped a picture with my phone of his car and hope they are able to track him down. My girls kept asking, "Why, why did that guy do that?" We were in shock....(but sooo thankful it wasn't a violent crime). I bet he wasn't sure he was going to do that when he walked into the store, just saw an opportunity to walk out with ten jeans and went for it. I wonder what he is planning on doing with the booty? 
 I am reading...
(continuing reading ) Robin Hood: I think I've lost Ceci, definitely still have Nick and Euly barely tolerates because he isn't the "hero" she thought he'd be. he wasn't a "saint" but Nick laughs out loud at the antics.
I am watching...
the most incredible, inspiring, family who are so full of love!
Must watch!
"It took me decades to figure this out: there is no physical thing that you can buy that will give you true peace and happiness. And the pure joy that will come form a rescue and a ransom of a child's life is probably the most satisfying thing you can imagine." Mr. Dennehy

courtesy of Jen at Conversion Diary
I am learning...
to let go and enjoy a night out with my sweetie and have my older kids babysit the younger ones. 
I am pondering...
A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...
"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you."
- Mother Teresa
Don't you love her quotes! She really understood the world and how we are to look at it.
One of my favorite things...
another episode of Downton Abbey is going to be recorded Sunday night! With my fast from TV news, it is pretty much the only thing I turn the tv on for. Is there anything good I'm missing?
I didn't discover Downton until Season two was almost over, so I had a marathon of watching to get caught up. That was fun (for me)!
A few plans for the rest of the week...
Boy scouts, science day, college classes, music lessons, girls group and figuring out how get all that done when some are scheduled at the same time but more than 30 miles apart. Looks like someone will be waiting a lot and someone will be driving in the car a lot. And have to get that car by the shop to relook at the brakes that were just repaired ('cause they smell when I use them too much). phew!
And we have to get those 12x20" sections of crochet done before Friday's group. We had to stop by the fabric store and buy some more sections, thankfully that had more. But how much more. Euly's two yards only finished the first 10"...(I'll be glad when this project is over). But the girls bought some yarn to work on a blanket and scarf. yay!
I thought I'd share....
A public service announcement of sorts of simple things to make your life easier.
Something that makes me happy...
Nick writing the story of the Exodus in his own words (with related vocabulary cards to help him dress it up a bit). I am happy when school work is done with pride. He did a great job!

A peek into my day....
from Cc's point of view

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