Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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Back in the school rhythm of balancing schoolwork and outside classes and activities, 
we are enjoying ordinary every day contentment.

Euly in braids reading;
lately, she's always reading (yay!)
Easy way to keep the hair our of her face; and when put up wet, later she has pretty waves in her hair.

always {happy} Lilly
when she's making Etch a Sketch creations...

when she is playing outside and hanging out with her mom...

 when she's waiting in the car for someone to go somewhere...

Nick shooting, practicing for the perfect "Robin Hood", for whenever that opportunity presents itself. 
(I may have heard talk of a hog hunt...).  
It helps that we are reading Howard Pyle's Robin Hood together. 

{real} happy
I have been wanting to help Ceci build confidence in her sewing and crocheting skills.
I saw Melissa's blog recommendation for Winky Cherry's My First Sewing Book, thought  I'd give it a try for Ceci. It worked.  She did the two projects included start to finish, even threaded her own needle. Euly, Ceci and I all had a go at the various patterns in the book. Young eyes and nimble fingers did much better than I did (really "real" could be a picture of the bear I attempted, but Lilly claimed it for her own bear and I haven't looked for seen it since.)
It is nice to see them so proud of their creations, and listening to plans on who should receive this or that plan as a gift.  

Euly's dog
already planning her next project


  1. Love the picture of your daughter reading. My daughter seems to have her nose in book all the time too. Stopping by from {p,h,f,r}

  2. I too love to braid my daughter's hair while it's wet. She loves the soft waves after it dries.
    I've wondered about that book, Faith got a sewing machine for Christmas and wants to be more independent with her might be one to check out for her, thanks for the recommend!

    1. If you know how to sew, or if your daughter has some experience, it may be too easy for her, but it was perfect for my 7 year old who needed slow instructions. My 11 year old liked having the patterns, but the book itself would have been too easy for her. Sewing with Saint Ann (from Catholic Heritage Cirr) might be something to look at for Faith. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Your daughter does look so happy, how wonderful. Stickers make my girl happy too, waiting on other, though, does not.

  4. I love all your happy pictures! Children just being happy, doing many things or just waiting.
    And the little sewn creations are adorable!