Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life this weekend


Outside my window...beautiful, sunny splendor to violent rain storms with brisk pleasantness in between. I guess this is a typical winter around here; one day in the 70's next starting at 38.

I am thinking...childhood can be hard and kids can be mean, but the lessons learned can serve them well in life. My girls were trying to balance friendships of their neighbors but their lack of diplomatic experience at peacekeeping outside their siblings showed and one little had her feelings hurt so much her mother felt compelled to call. I could see all perspectives and knew my girls had not meant to cause hurt feelings, but they did. They had their turn of walking down, knocking on the door and apologizing. The little friend forgave and all was set right. Hopefully, they learned they can't make everyone happy; they just need to be true to what they know is right.

I am praying for...souls in need, those in danger of death needing reconciliation and consolation, those fighting cancer, recovering from accidents and suffering from abandonment and broken hearts especially children and those who are dependent on others.

I am, safety, of my family, being reminded to keep it all in perspective.

In the kitchen...Craig made an incredible stew out of random pieces of the organic cow and lamb we had. He let it slow cook, added tomatoes and onions; it was tender and delicious.

I am creating...a section of crochet to help teach my girls how to crochet. Their girls group is making a nature bag out of fabric they ripped into long strips to be used in place of yarn.

This is their teacher's finished bag.
Below is how far Ceci and I have made it. It has to be 12 inches across and it keep keeps drawing in and is now only 11 inches after the first loose row at 12. It can be frustrating for little fingers, but I know both girls will love this new skill.

I am to calm down six and seven years olds after early mass to pay attention at Sunday school. I get one hour a week to emphasize what they need to learn and sometimes the doughnuts or an already long morning keep them from being focused. Today was a frustrating morning. I know they have things to say, so I encourage their questions. They can ask very deep questions, then sometimes they want to tell me about their cat.

I am reading...Robin Hood as our family read aloud. Nicholas is especially enjoying it, Euly seems interested and it really isn't Ceci's favorite. I like this version from Craig's childhood by Howard Pyle.  It is inscribed as a Christmas gifts his fourth Christmas from long passed aunt and uncle. The language is beautiful and requires them to listen carefully and really think about what was said.
The reason this Educator Classic Library series is so great, there are definitions and elaborations in the margins, so you don't need to look anything up later to answer the question,"What is a golden angel?" or "What is the significance of Watling Street?"

I am watching...Galaxy Quest and David Carter with Craig. Weird scifi movie weekend.

Around the house...last week's Epiphany blessing was postponed until Tuesday; so another round of deep cleaning. I am still organizing school books to what we really need to emphasize this spring. I am excited that Nick and Euly wanted to learn more about the Middle Ages now that we finished Ancient Greece (they did Rome last year).

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today... a prayer I cam e across that my mother had in our home growing up:
Bless this house, o Lord, we pray.
Make it safe by night and day.
Bless these walls so firm and stout,
Keeping want and trouble out.
Bless the roof and chimney tall,
Let thy peace lie over all.
Bless the doors that they may prove
Ever open to joy and love.
Bless the windows shining bright,
Letting in God's heavenly light.
Bless the hearth a-blazing there,
With smoke ascending like a prayer.
Bless the people here within...
Keep them pure and free from sin.
Bless us all, that one day, we
May be fit, O lord, to dwell with Thee.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
More school, new classes begin, more focused on the ones underway.

A peek into my day...Lilly isn't feeling well today an enjoying napping.

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