Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Friday Quick takes

This Sunday is Septuagesima Sunday, which means it is the third Sunday before the season of Lent begins and the ninth Sunday before Easter. In the Traditional Latin Mass liturgy, priests will be wearing purple to remind us to start thinking of getting ready for Lent. I always wondered why the rest of the church doesn't don purple until Ash Wednesday.

Doesn't it always come too soon?
Seven things to keep in mind as we prepare ourselves for a fruitful lent:

Daily Prayer includingThe Rosary
Spiritual Reading including The Holy Bible
Spiritual Works of Mercy
Corporal Works of Mercy

I am still on my media fast which I guess has become more of a media blackout. After the election, feeling like a manipulated pawn of of every media outlet, I quit cold turkey. I keep up with the news headlines via drudge but I refuse to watch the big three networks or any cable outlet. (next step cancel dish completely).  I occasionally forget and turn talk radio in the car, but it is so depressing I turn that off out of the need to have hope in my daily life.
Discussing with my college son, he gave me hope that the future will see a decline in the power of the three media outlets as the younger generations will turn more to the Internet for their news. The big media's loosing influence is already apparent with this week's shooting at Lone Star College where the local reporting used twitter feed as their source. I thought it was shameful and lazy of them. But in most ways that venue of "journalism" is already dead.

Speaking of the shooting,
I am so thankful I knew my daughter was already home before I heard about the shooting. It saved me much worry.

My 13 year old son and I are having a great time together as I read Robin Hood aloud. We have great laughs at Robin's expense when he takes on challenges in which he underestimates his potential unaware opponents who usually turn Robin's plans around;  yet ultimately will want join Robin's band of merry men after such encounters. Nick sits next to me as I read; it is a precious time, a fleeting time we share. I am so thankful for good meaty books. This story has lost the interest of my daughters who usually hang around for any read aloud. Robin Hood isn't for them.
The surprise attack on Midge, the Miller's son,  by Robin, Little John, Will Scarlet and Arthur the Tanner and Midge's wonderful reaction had him in stitches, all day.

We have beautiful weather today. Windows open, sweet breeze blowing in through the house. I guess winter's over. We had just enough to feel cold. I love Texas.

Need some happy cuteness?
I love when my girls get along. Here are Cc and Lilly singing the Barney song.

7. Now go an enjoy your weekend! and go to Jen's and read more quick takes.

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