Monday, January 7, 2013

2900 Gifts and still counting

2900 The peace that gazing upon a sleeping angel brings.
2899 Motrin, ice water and a steaming hot bath to aid and cure my sure neck.
2898 Euly's motivation to earn money helps me have a break
2897 Hearing the girls singing I.M. in the other room
2896 Seven different church related events in three day - Grace filled weekend
2895 "Do you ever sleep?" asked with such empathy.
2894 Treating them to a DQ stop
2893 So many people waiting for confession! The influence of a good priest.
2892 Lilly's kiss on my forehead goodnight
2891 Uncontainable JOY!
2890 I M A G I N A T I O N
2889 Chocolate for the dreary day blues
2888 Girls talk, no focusing on drama, just life
2887 If everything worked as efficiently and organized as Boy Scouts
2886 Scout handshake
2885 Kids learning about (and receiving) Graces at mass
2884 Tour of beautiful chapel at St Mary's seminary
2883 Lilly acting out:"If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops..."
2882 Father Pat's commitment to scouts
2881 Saint Augustine:
Tend your sicks ones, O Lord Christ,
Rest your weary ones,
Soothe your suffering ones,
Pity your afflicted ones,
Shield your joyous ones,
And for all your love's sake. Amen
2880 Movies that make me cry
2879 "Don't be afraid."
2878 It's "Craig" - in stereo
2877 Snuggling under the blankets to keep warm
2876 Watching movies on a cold dreary day
2875 Craig bubbling with good news from work
2874 Nick = orchestra
2873 Space heaters
2872 Having to cancel too many social activities
2871 House full of little girls, with one long ago friend in from China
2870 First World Problems - with Max and Craig
2869 Encouraging comments
2868 All or nothing family
2867 Making positive resolutions out of frustration
2866 Seeing Nick proud of his own accomplishments
2865 Voicing opposition to elected leaders - opportunity to vent
2864 Cc's #8 First Friday
2863 Seeing friends at mass
2862 "What's dad's name?, Hey, dad, what's your name?" silly Lilly
2861 Living every single moment to day for my kids
2860 After Lilly had to surrender back Cc's doll, she's asked, "Where is your doll Lilly?" "She's dead, no, here she is!"
2859 Molly: Let's be patient.  Me: No.
2858 Waiting in the black hole to sign up for classes - happy to have Molly keep me company
2857 A mom of many to a mom who lost a few in miscarriage: "At least you know where they are! They've already won heaven."
2856 Small gestures can go a long way
2855 Fuel points
2854 Craig and his "soap" - The Glades
2853 Car heater
2852 Reminder how much more we have to work to get up to speed, but he is happy with who he is.
2851 Having a memory of my grandmother prank calling me, remembering her delightful sense of humor.
2850 Kids playing with neighbors all day: "What is this: Grand Central Station?" - old man who lives here
2849 The roominess after Christmas tree comes down and away
2848 Molly's toffee
2847 Cool breezy walks with Molly
2846 Ticklish little squealy girls
2845 "4, 2, 8, 9, 10" Lilly counting down for her turn at hide and seek
2844 Lilly's affirmative answer to anything "Yeah, I guess." but sometimes sounds like "your guess"
2843 Lilly's "contagious smile"
2842 Always hopeful with new beginnings - here we go 2013!
2841 Back porch heater
2840 Plenary Indulgences
2839 The hope a New Year brings
2838 Auld Lang Syne
2837 Helpers
2836 Putting dogs in kennel early to spare them from pain of New Year fireworks
2835 A new and refreshed look
2834 Having the horse trail to ourselves
2833 My den full of loud excited football fans
2832 Having friends whose kids are my kids ages
2831 Empowerment through a flashlight
2830 Heart to heart with two other seasoned moms about this marriage thing
2829 Heart to heart with two other seasoned moms about this parenting thing
2828 New path discovered with Molly for a long walk and talk
2827 How much Lilly loves Max
2826 Marveling at how much a pack of teenage boys can eat: never enough
2825 "My sorry, do you forgive me?" - Lilly
2824 Family rosary by candlelight
2823 Listening to fireworks in the dark: ominous
2822 Power outage bring us all together on New years.
2821 Being social again
2820 Love my new bike! So easy to ride - gliding on ice
2819 Praying: The best remedy for insomnia
2818 Snugly little heater on a cold night
2817 Thankful for whatever sleep I can get
2816 Enjoyable visit with Father
2815 Lilly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2814 Gifts of Toms with footie socks
2813 Great date night
2812 Red face? Who cares?
2811 Duval
2810 Craig kicking the butt out of a youn' um at darts.
2809 "Our freedom comes from a barrel of a gun."
2808 Being reminded I hate "double out" in darts
2807 Built in babysitters
2806 Red noses on the kids' faces, such cold temps actually feel like winter.
2805 "You're so cuuuuuute, mom." - Lilly
2804 "Whoever desires to obtain favors from me should make three novenas of the prayers of the Rosary, and three novenas in thanksgiving." - Our Blessed Mother
2803 So thankful for friends that keep him active all day
2802 Flannel sheets
2801 Pajamas on for a cold night

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